Cartoon Network UK December 2018 Highlights

Cartoon Network UK December 2018 Highlights

Cartoon Network UK December 2018 Highlights

Please note, these are unofficial highlights in lieu of official CN UK highlights for December 2018. Sky Guide, Virgin Media’s TV Guide, DigiGuide and promos that are currently airing on the channel have been used as sources.

New Season

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu: Hunted

Airs from Monday 3rd December, airs weekdays at 6.30pm.

In Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu: Hunted, Lloyd and Nya make a stand against Emperor Garmadon’s control of Ninjago City, Young Wu and the rest of the Ninja are stuck in a realm where dragons are being hunted down by Iron Baron and his gang of Dragon Hunters. The ninja will need to find the Dragon Armor so they’re able to leave the realm and stop Emperor Garmadon once and for all.

New Episodes/Show Endings

Adventure Time: The Final Episodes

Cartoon Network UK will be airing the final batch of new episodes of Adventure Time during December including a special episode for Finn’s 17th Birthday called “Seventeen” on Saturday 8th December at 11.30am, the Minecraft special – Diamonds and Lemons also airs on Saturday 8th December at 12pm.

A total of five new episodes will air on Saturday 8th December from 11am, the last four before the finale will air on Saturday 15th December. The Adventure Time finale – Come Along With Me will air on Saturday 22nd December at 11am.

Regular Show Finale: A Regular Show Epic Final Battle

Airs Saturday 29th December at 11am. Christmas special – Christmas in Space will re-air on Wednesday 26th December (Boxing Day) at 3pm.

Cartoon Network UK will close 2018 with the finale of Regular Show – one of Cartoon Network’s most popular shows throughout the past decade. In the show’s final season, the park crew go on their most epic adventure ever – in space! In the finale, the universe hangs in the balance, will Mordecai and Rigby save the day, or is an unlikely hero and close friend destined to save the universe?

2 thoughts on “Cartoon Network UK December 2018 Highlights”

  1. Three Things: Firstly, the Regular Show Finale is the ONLY Regular Show new episode remaining on Cartoon Network UK. All the other Regular Show episodes have already aired. Episodes 14 to 28 (except episodes 19/20 and 24/25) aired on New Fridays. The Halloween Special and the Christmas Special aired in 2017. Secondly, new episodes of Ninjago are on at 6:30pm, not 4:30pm. Thirdly, new episodes of Adventure Time airs weekends at 11am.

    • Four Things: Firstly, I depend on Virgin Media’s TiVo for Regular Show’s air dates to keep track, especially as I’m at work when these episodes air, none of the aforementioned episodes have airdates, which led me to believe that they haven’t aired, what’s also confusing is that the episodes are bundled together, also I’ve already seen the finale a long time ago. Yes, I’m fully aware Christmas in Space aired last year, but I thought it would be good to let people know when the Christmas special re-airs, not everything on highlights have to be new, they can be featured on highlights within reason. CN UK are also re-airing the Regular Show: In Space story arc as a recap and as a build-up to the final event.

      Secondly, that Ninjago airtime was a clumsy mistake, I meant to say 6.30pm as that’s what it says that on the promo, the TV guide is in the 24-hour clock format which sometimes throws me.

      Thirdly, yes, I did actually mention that new episodes of Adventure Time will air at 11am on Saturdays, I mentioned this in the second paragraph, by the way, you said weekends (implying both Saturdays and Sundays), new episodes only air on Saturdays, I mentioned the Seventeen episode (11.30am) as that’s the episode CN UK are currently advertising on their channel.

      Fourthly: These are only temporary highlights, I’m waiting for the official highlights which will reveal a lot more, I did try my best and cross-referenced three sources to get this info, you wouldn’t of known the airdate of the Adventure Time and Regular Show finale this far in advance without the information I published on Twitter, unless you have DigiGuide of course.

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