Cartoon Network Northern Europe’s Senior Vice President (UK and Nordics) Pierre Branco Interview Summary

Cartoon Network Northern Europe's Senior Vice President (UK and Nordics) Pierre Branco Interview Summary

Cartoon Network Northern Europe’s Senior Vice President (UK and Nordics) Pierre Branco Interview Summary

Today (28th November), broadcast media news website – Advanced Television published their interview with Pierre Branco – the Senior Vice President of Turner Northern Europe (includes Cartoon Network UK and Cartoon Network Nordic). During the interview, Pierre talks about the channel’s animated content, its current distribution strategy and future plans.

On 17th September, Cartoon Network UK celebrated its 25th anniversary, Pierre mentions that for the past 25 years, kids in the UK have been raised watching Cartoon Network with the characters they know and love. He also mentions that there’s an exciting slate of original programming coming up during CN UK’s 25th anniversary year, the new programming forms part of CN’s continuing plans to further develop the channel.

Pierre was also asked about the original content and whether that the increase in content was response to online streaming rivals such as Netflix or Amazon producing their own animated shows, he responded by saying that original content has always been important to CN and its the reason why fans love the channel. Pierre also said that in a crowded media market, quality and original brands are important to both kids and adults as it allows content to stand out more among other content on other platforms. Pierre also claimed that the rise in online competition has helped the channel to evolve and to improve.

Pierre also mentions that new digital platforms have been an opportunity to engage with its target audience a lot more, whether its apps, games or licensed products. In addition to linear distribution on the Cartoon Network TV channel, CN has also been developing new IPs with interactivity in mind, such as The Heroic Quest of the Valiant Prince Ivandoe, the series not only aired on CN in some European countries, but it also offered an interactive online adventure experience. He also said that the linear channel will continue to be CN’s crown jewel, as it it’s a main point of entry for the channel’s fans and also to promote new shows such as Apple and Onion, Summer Camp Island and Craig of the Creek.

Pierre also mentions that Cartoon Network is currently the #1 Pay-TV Channel for kids in 2018 (to date), but to be successful for the next 25 years, CN will need to continue to entertain and surprise fans through great, imaginative storytelling and relatable, aspirational characters, from his point of view, the channel is a place where the creatives in the studio have the power behind the content. With CN’s recent increase in animated production investment, combined with its linear and digital strategy, and also the work and ideas by studio creatives, the channel will continue to be relevant for its fans. The way fans watch and enjoy Cartoon Network’s animated shows is constantly changing which is why its important that CN’s content should be enjoyed where it is accessed from.

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