Cartoon Network USA Steven Universe: Diamond Days Promo Released On The Cartoon Network App

Cartoon Network USA Steven Universe: Diamond Days Promo Released On The Cartoon Network App

Cartoon Network USA Steven Universe: Diamond Days Promo Released On The Cartoon Network App

As already mentioned on the blog, Cartoon Network USA is unlocking its app for a free promotional weekend preview during the rest of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. The free weekend starts from today (23rd November), Cartoon Network USA also used the opportunity of the free weekend promotion to also add a trailer for the upcoming Steven Universe story arc – Diamond Days. The first episode of the Diamond Days story arc – “Legs From Here To Homeworld” is already available to view on the app.

According to the extended trailer, Steven and the Crystal Gems head off to Homeworld, the gems homeland and the seat of the Great Diamond Authority. In the trailer, we learn some history about the gems and their purpose. Gems are made by the diamonds to serve them and have various occupations, such as being a soldier, scientist or builder. Some gems have imperfections (i.e. “The Off-Colors”) and hide way from the rest of the gem’s society. In order to make more gems, the diamonds had to colonise more planets, however planet Earth made Pink Diamond reconsider, as Earth is already abundant with life, she felt that she’s not creating life but rather taking it away. Pink Diamond became Rose Quartz and formed a team called the Crystal Gems who vow to defend Earth from their homeworld.

Earth is a lot different to Homeworld and Gems can be more themselves, back on homeworld, Pearls are treated nothing more than “objects”, on Earth, Pearl can be herself and stand up for what she believes in. Unlike Homeworld, Amethyst can have fun on Earth, she’s also from Earth so she had no prior knowledge of Homeworld before meeting Garnet (Ruby and Sapphire), Pearl and Rose Quartz. On Homeworld, gems can’t fuse for love either, so they’ll never experience a powerful fusion like Garnet. Steven is unlike the other gems, not only he’s a human/gem hybrid with a soft heart but also possesses Pink Diamond’s/Rose Quartz gem, he likes helping people and gems, included corrupted gems.

The trailer eventually leads into the present point of the show’s story and also the Diamond Days story arc, Steven informs Yellow and Blue Diamond that he’s “Pink Diamond” and wishes to heal all corrupted gems, Blue and Yellow Diamond can only do so much, Steven will need to talk to White Diamond, but the problem is, White Diamond is not like the other gems, Steven will have a lot of difficulty to convince White Diamond about who he is, but even if he does (he eventually will), will he live up to the expectations of Pink Diamond?

Update: The Official Extended Trailer for Steven Universe: Diamond Days (Geoblocked outside the United States):

Steven Universe: Diamond Days will air on the Cartoon Network USA television channel from Monday 17th December at at 7.30pm ET/PT.

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