Cartoon Network Czech Republic’s New Website

Cartoon Network Czech Republic's New Website

Cartoon Network Czech Republic’s New Website

The Cartoon Network website for Cartoon Network Central Eastern Europe viewers in the Czech Republic – has a brand new look. The new website has a cleaner and less cluttered appearance compared to the old layout. The new website is easier to navigate with Games, Videos, Competitions and Mobile Apps links in the header, and the show slider has a lot more prominence, similar to older Cartoon Network Europe website designs from the past.

Each page put its it main content front and center, with a gallery showcasing new and featured media content relevant to each category on the site (Games or Videos), followed by a grid of other related content from various Cartoon Network shows such as Ben 10, Unikitty! or Craig of the Creek. The new website is responsive (Boomerang’s new website layout in Europe is also responsive), which means the website adapts to the users screen size making it usable on mobile devices without the need of a separate mobile website. The new website isn’t fully implemented though as of yet, as the competition and mobile apps sections still need to be integrated into the new design.

At the moment, the new website design is only on, but it seems that its very likely that a EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) rollout of the new website design could be coming very soon because Cartoon Network has already set up their show category data API (application programming interface) for other locales around Europe, including the UK, Germany, France and Spain. The API outputs a list of shows, related images for each show page and also an image representing the show for the show slider bar. It’s very likely that this API is only a part of the new website design, as this isn’t available on other EMEA websites in the region.

The current EMEA website layout was introduced in 2014 and originated from Cartoon Network Latin America, who still use the website layout today, Cartoon Network Portugal was the first website to use this layout, it seems that it was no coincidence as it was also newest version of Cartoon Network in the EMEA region at the time. Considering that the Czech Republic is a new localised market for Cartoon Network, it seems to make sense that they also have the new website layout first.