Turner Asia-Pacific Renews Horrid Henry Seasons One To Four Broadcasting Rights

Turner Asia-Pacific Renews Horrid Henry Seasons One To Four Broadcasting Rights

Turner Asia-Pacific Renews Horrid Henry Seasons One To Four Broadcasting Rights

Zodiak Kids (owned by Banijay Group) has signed a broadcasting rights renewal deal with Turner Broadcasting System Asia-Pacific for seasons one to four of Novel Entertainment’s Horrid Henry, the show has aired on Cartoon Network Australia and New Zealand, Cartoon Network India, Cartoon Network Southeast Asia and Cartoon Network Taiwan. News of the the deal was announced during MIPCOM 2018 this week (15th to 18th October) in Cannes, France.

The Horrid Henry animated series is based on the children’s book series of the same name written by Francesca Simon, the titular character – Henry is a young boy with a rebellious personality, he is often naughty and doesn’t respect authority figures, if he doesn’t get his own way he gets his revenge by breaking the rules or by pranking.

Zodiak Kids has also signed up broadcasting deals for Horrid Henry with MBC (Middle East), Alati International (Russia), and Atlantic Digital Networks (Canada). Including the renewal deal with Turner Asia-Pacific, Zodiak has also renewed existing deals with Mediacorp (Singapore), POP TV (Slovenia), E-Vision (Middle East), Asiana (Korea), and Netflix (the US, Canada, France, Australia and New Zealand).

Season five of Horrid Henry is currently in production and will consist of 42 episodes, each with a run-time of 11 minutes, in the UK, the new season will air on Nicktoons in 2019. Zodiak Kids has already picked up the distribution rights for season five, however Turner Asia-Pacific hasn’t made a deal with Zodiak yet for season five.

Julia Rowlands, vice president of sales, acquisitions and co-productions at Zodiak Kids made this statement regarding the new Horrid Henry broadcasting deals: “Horrid Henry is an incredibly important brand for Zodiak Kids and it is great to be further building on the existing catalogue with a new series at MIPCOM. The continued success of Horrid Henry in the UK and internationally is proof of the quality and longevity of the brand.”



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