More Seasons Of The Amazing World Of Gumball Is Still A Possibility

More Seasons Of The Amazing World Of Gumball Is Still A Possibility

More Seasons Of The Amazing World Of Gumball Is Still A Possibility

On 30th September 2018, I wrote a blog post regarding the special BAFTA screening in London for Cartoon Network UK’s 25th anniversary, however there is one important thing I need to address. In the blog post, I mentioned that The Amazing World of Gumball is in its “sixth and final season”, however more clarification is needed about this.

As it stands, production has ended at the end of season six, as confirmed by several members of the Gumball production crew, including the show’s creator Ben Bocquelet who even retweeted the blog post in question which basically reaffirms what I’ve stated, even when I spoke to show director Mic Graves to ask him a few questions about Gumball at the end of the screening, he admitted that the show was ending, in the conversation I said “It’s sad that Gumball is ending”, he replied “At least, there’s always the movie”, then I talked about Adventure Time as an example of a show with an everlasting appeal, which could also apply to Gumball, even mentioning a new Cartoon Network themed attraction in the Middle East which was announced that week which has both Adventure Time and Gumball sections due to open in 2019, and then talked about the possibility of a Gumball movie and also about Elliott From Earth.

However, this morning (12th October) I received a phone call from Turner Northern Europe’s (Cartoon Network UK and Cartoon Network Nordic) Press Office in London about this particular statement on the blog post. Turner has said that the show hasn’t technically ended as they (as in management) can’t confirm that season 6 is the final season and there’s still the possibility of more seasons in the future, some members of the Gumball production team are now currently focusing on the new show – Elliott From Earth. So from a corporate standpoint, the door is still open and Gumball hasn’t ended, but from a creative and production standpoint it has for now at least. This is the case for any show though, any show can come back into production. Obviously, there’s no word of a season renewal for the show at the moment.

The aforementioned blog post has been amended to reflect this information, I apologise if I have misled anyone due to this and I feel really bad about it, I’m as confused as you. But still, it’s great to hear that Gumball hasn’t technically ended.

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