We Bare Bears Plush Seal Toy Now Available

We Bare Bears Plush Seal Toy Now Available

We Bare Bears Plush Seal Toy Now Available

Cartoon Network Enterprises has released a plush toy based on the seal from the We Bare Bears episode – “Bear Cleanse”, in the episode, Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear switch back to their natural diets to help improve their health. A Polar Bear’s natural diet mostly includes seals, but Ice Bear finds it to be such an emotional struggle to eat one because the seal he needs to eat is too cute.

The seal is also known as “Rupert The Seal”, the second presenter of Cartoon Network USA’s ongoing weekly news series on YouTube – Cartoon Network This Week.

According to the price list, the prices are in THB (Thai Baht, the currency of Thailand), there’s no info of whether the seal plush toy will be sold outside Thailand or the Asia-Pacific region.

A few weeks ago, Daniel Chong made a trip over to South Korea, while in the country, he checked out all of the We Bare Bears merchandise, which includes clothing, stationary, toys, suitcases and even healthcare products. Daniel also visited Cartoon Network South Korea’s headquarters and even made a personal appearance on the television channel.



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