Unikitty! Premiere Party 1st March 2018

Unikitty! Premiere Party 1st March 2018

Unikitty! Premiere Party 1st March 2018

Last night (1st March 2018), the production crew and voice actors from one of Cartoon Network’s newest shows – Unikitty! came together for a premiere party. Two of the show’s main producers – Ed Skudder and Lynn Wang were at the party as well as the show’s art director – Andrea Fernandez, show director – Brock Gallagher, the voice of Unikitty – Tara Strong, the voice of Puppycorn – Grey DeLisle and the voice of Dr. Fox – Kate Micucci.

Tonight (02/03/2018) at 6.30pm ET/PT, Cartoon Network USA will be premiering a pixel art/video game themed episode of Unikitty! called “The Unikitty Zone” featuring pixel art by Nate and Adam Kling.


One thought on “Unikitty! Premiere Party 1st March 2018

  1. An upcoming dance party is coming to the Unikingdom and everyone is excited to show off their moves, except Richard, who believes he has no groove. Unikitty decides to help, but nothing works, soon Dr. Fox decides to help him by showing off her newest invention: Grooveatron, a robot that will let Richard do some dance moves, but soon the robot gets a mind of its own and the gang have to defeat it in a dance-off.

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