Infinity Train Coming To Cartoon Network USA In 2019

Infinity Train Cartoon Network 2019

Infinity Train Coming To Cartoon Network USA In 2019

The train is coming and the next stop will be Cartoon Network USA in 2019!

Cartoon Network USA has uploaded a teaser onto their website with an animated infinity loop, the number “2019” referring to next year along with the Cartoon Network logo.

We will have to wait and see for more info, but it’s great to see that Cartoon Network has greenlit Infinity Train.

The link to the Infinity Train page was in a fake advert video for Corginia, the Corgi Kingdom carriage as seen in the Infinity Train pilot. Cartoon Network USA uploaded the video onto their YouTube channel.

Created by Owen Dennis, known for his work on Cartoon Network’s Regular Show, Infinity Train follows the mystery adventures of a young girl named Tulip and her robot companion One-One, together they walk from carriage to carriage, each with its own weird theme. Will Tulip solve the mystery of the train?

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