Cartoonito UK Rebranded 2nd March 2018

Cartoonito UK 2018 Rebrand

Cartoonito UK Rebranded 2nd March 2018

Cartoon Network UK’s sister pre-school channel – Cartoonito rebranded last Friday (2nd March) with a fresh new look. The new graphics appear to be a lot more rounded and softer, also the channel’s 3D shape mascots also known as “the Cartoonitos” – Lolly (Cylinder), Bubble (Sphere), Cuba (Cube), Spike (Pyramid), Ting (Star) and Ringo (Ring) have all been given a new look too. The channel is using the same graphics package used on Cartoonito Italy which rebranded last year.

In recent months, there has been quite a few changes on Cartoonito, the channel is now in 16:9 widescreen and is now available 24 hours a day, also the channel is now airing original content specially made for the channel such as CHF Studios’ Daisy and Ollie. The channel is now also home to well established pre-school show brands such as Thomas and Friends, Fireman Sam and Bob The Builder.

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