Cartoon Network USA New Show Craig Of The Creek Premieres Tonight 30th March

Craig Of The Creek Sneak Peek

Cartoon Network USA New Show Craig Of The Creek Premieres Tonight 30th March

One of Cartoon Network Studios’ newest animated productions will have its U.S. television debut tonight – Craig of the Creek. The new show will premiere on Cartoon Network USA at 6.25pm ET/PT with two episodes “Itch to Explore” and “You’re It”. The show follows Craig, the titular character and his two best friends J.P. and Kelsey who venture into a kid-only utopian society in the untamed wildness, at the creek, the rules of the outside world don’t apply. Craig of the Creek is created by Steven Universe show writers Matt Burnett and Ben Levin.

In the episode – “Itch to Explore”, Craig’s quest to map the entire Creek takes him and his friends into the treacherous Poison Ivy Grove. In “You’re It”, a vicious game of tag wreaks havoc on the Creek, claiming Kelsey as the next “it.”

Also on the Cartoon Network app, there’s four more new episodes of Craig of the Creek – “Jessica Goes to the Creek”, “The Final Book”, “Wildernessa” and “Too Many Treasures”, the Cartoon Network app will be unlocked and free to access this weekend, no satellite/cable account required. “Jessica Goes to the Creek”, “The Final Book” and “Too Many Treasures” along with and starting with “Itch to Explore” and “You’re It” will air on the Cartoon Network USA television channel from 6am ET/PT tomorrow morning (31st March), with episodes airing on the hour throughout the day. The episode “Wildernessa” will air on Cartoon Network USA on Monday (2nd April) at 7pm ET/PT.

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