Cartoon Network Latin America And Cartoon Network Brazil May 2018 Highlights

Cartoon Network Latin America And Cartoon Network Brazil May 2018 Highlights

Cartoon Network Latin America And Cartoon Network Brazil May 2018 Highlights

For reference:

Co = Colombia (Pan Feed 1)
Ar = Argentina
Cl = Chile (Pan Feed 2)
Mx = Mexico
Br = Brazil

New Episodes

OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes

New episodes air every Thursday at 5.15pm Co, 7.15pm Ar/Cl/Mx/Br.

Also, don’t miss the new episodes of The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10 and Unikitty, every Thursday from 4.30pm Co, 6.30pm Ar/Cl/Mx/Br.

K.O. is a tiny champion with maximum heart, whose deepest desire is to become the greatest hero! With the guidance of his new co-workers Enid and Rad, his ultra-hero boss Mr. Gar, and his super-powered mom Carol, K.O. has all the inspiration and support to help lead him on his journey to level up. In this video-game inspired world, K.O. works at Gar’s Bodega in Lakewood Plaza, a one-stop shop for all your hero needs. Whether he’s mopping the floor with Lord Boxman’s evil robots or literally mopping the floor, K.O. tackles everything with his cheery, endless enthusiasm! Every person is a hero to look up to, every challenge is a chance to grow stronger, and every success or failure is just another stepping stone to becoming the ultimate hero!

New Shows

Apple & Onion – New Show!

New show premieres Tuesday 1st May at 9am Co, 11am Ar/Cl/Mx/Br. Apple and Onion will premiere with the first four episodes.

Join Apple and Onion as they try to make it in the big city!

Apple and Onion were raised in the middle of nowhere, with a bunch of other fruits and vegetables. As they grew up, however, Apple’s uncontainable enthusiasm and Onion’s outlandish imagination caused a lot of disruption to their community. Eventually, they were sent away to the city with the hope that it’s fast-paced lifestyle would make a more suitable home… but they were wrong. Apple and Onion are the odd ones out in a city full of urbane, slick manufactured foods. However, they don’t see this as a bad thing. Even though they know nothing about modern adult life, or the rules and norms of society, they cannot wait to learn!

New Adventure Time Four Episode Special

Adventure Time: Nowadays

Airs on Tuesday 1st May at 10am Co, 12pm Ar/Cl/Mx/Br.

The adventure continues!

We’re always eager to know more about the stories behind our Adventure Time friends! In May, tune in to the new four-episode special “Nowadays” and see what happens next! Finn turns seventeen, Tree Trunks reflects on her present and revisits her past, Marceline and her father try to reconnect, and Jake finds clues about his origins… A lot is going on in Ooo, and you can’t miss it!

Teen Titans Trivia Month

Airs Mondays to Fridays at 10am Co, 11am Ar/Cl, 12.30pm Br, 3pm Mx.
Airs Saturdays at 4pm Co, 2pm Br, 3pm Ar/Cl, 4pm Mx.
Airs Sundays at 10am Co, 12pm Ar/Cl/Mx/Br.

The Teen Titans take over Cartoon Network!

In May, Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg and Raven are the main attraction! Enjoy four weeks packed with the best episodes of Teen Titans Go like you’ve never seen them before! Each episode will feature fun and interesting trivia about these five superheroes… and you’ll learn every little secret about them! Also, on Friday, May 4th, you can’t miss the premiere of the double episode “Justice League’s Next Top Talent Idol Star!”

Highlights For Cartoon Network Latin America Sub-feeds In .docx Format

Pan Feed 1 (Colombia, Co) in English:

Pan Feed 1 (Colombia, Co) in Spanish:

Pan Feed 2 (Chile, Cl) in Spanish:

Argentina (Ar) in Spanish:

Mexico (Mx) in Spanish:

Cartoon Network Brazil (Br) Highlights in .docx Format (in Portuguese)