Cartoon Network USA Apple And Onion New Show Premieres 23rd February

Cartoon Network USA Apple And Onion New Show Premieres 23rd February

Cartoon Network USA Apple And Onion New Show Premieres 23rd February

Today (6th February), Cartoon Network USA has announced the premiere date of one of their upcoming and brand new original animated shows – Apple and Onion. Apple and Onion will premiere on Cartoon Network USA on Friday 23rd February at 7pm ET/PT, the show will premiere with two episodes. Also, a week earlier, the same two premiere episodes will be available on the Cartoon Network App and VOD on Friday 16th February. Also, there will be back to back new episodes every Friday at 7pm ET/PT until Friday 23rd March. The show will have a limited run of five weeks.

Apple and Onion tells the story of two friends living together after moving to the big city. The show is set in a world inhabited with anthropomorphic food. Together, Apple and Onion explore their new surroundings in the big city and go on hilarious adventures, with Apple’s enthusiasm and Onion’s imagination, who knows what can happen. After settling down in their new home, they make loads of new friends including Hotdog, Lemon Drop and Pancake.

In the first episode, “A New Life”, we are introduced to the show’s main characters and how they met, in the second episode “The Perfect Team”, a stray cat makes Onion concerned that his friendship with Apple is at risk.

Apple and Onion is created by George Gendi, known for his storyboard artist work on Great Marlborough Productions’ (Cartoon Network’s London, UK-based studio) The Amazing World of Gumball. George was born in Egypt and was raised in England, UK. The source of inspiration for his animated comedy creation was a children’s story written by his older brother. Apple and Onion is based on the animated short of the same name developed as part of Cartoon Network Studios’ Global Artists Programme, which is a launchpad for many of Cartoon Network’s current hit animated shows.

Cartoon Network USA has uploaded the theme song to Apple and Onion as well as a sneak peek clip onto their YouTube channel. In the sneak peek clip, Apple meets a greasy friend and finds a use for all his ice cream.

The pilot episode of Apple and Onion: In the pilot, Apple and Onion get invited to Hotdog’s party, but they find they’ve still got some growing up to do:

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