Cartoon Network USA Tiggle Winks Pilot Episode

Cartoon Network USA Tiggle Winks Pilot Episode

Cartoon Network USA Tiggle Winks Pilot Episode

Along with the Craig Of The Creek pilot episode, Cartoon Network USA has also uploaded a pilot episode for a new potential animated series called “Tiggle Winks”. Tiggle Winks is created by Myke Chilian, Myke is known for his episode writing and storyboarding on Cartoon Network’s Uncle Grandpa and has worked as a lead designer for the pilot episode of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty. The pilot follows the surreal adventures of a young boy named Tiggy von Tigglewinks and his cat Gweeseek, both work for The Department of Lost and Found, an organisation that helps people find their missing items and Tiggy and Gweeseek are the best in the business. When sent on a mission by their boss to obtain a piece of ab roller gym equipment (called the Abby-Ka-Dabby) that’s been discontinued, Tiggy and Gweeseek visit the abandoned factory where they used to be made.

Randomly, they come across the girl from the Abby-Ka-Dabby commercial, she’s been looking for her missing dog for years. Her dog was left loose around the factory and while trying to save the dog, she fell into the machine below and the dog left her behind. Tiggy guessed that because of the accident, the girl mutated into a half-human/half Abby-Cadabby monster, and he was right, the monster chases them all the way back to their office, where it was revealed that her dog is actually Tiggy’s boss and both are happily reunited once again.

The pilot episode is not yet available on Cartoon Network USA’s YouTube channel, the only official way to view the pilot episode is by using the Cartoon Network App.

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