Cartoon Network USA Craig Of The Creek Pilot Episode

Cartoon Network USA Craig Of The Creek Pilot Episode

Cartoon Network USA Craig Of The Creek Pilot Episode

The pilot episode of Cartoon Network’s new upcoming show – Craig Of The Creek is now available to watch to view on the Cartoon Network App in the United States, the brand new show will premiere in the United States in 2018. The new show is set in a kid utopia of untamed wilderness located near a neighbourhood. Craig, the show’s main character, and his two best friends – Kelsey and JP traverse and venture through this strange land of where tribes of children reign over tree forts and dirt bike ramps.

The new show is created by two Steven Universe show writers – Matt Burnett and Ben Levin. In the pilot, Craig loses his staff which has fallen down a drain on the way to the creek, he asks his friends Kelsey and JP to help him retrieve it from the sewer. On their way to the sewers, Craig and his friends face many obstacles in the woods, including the creek itself and they even get caught in the crossfire of a paintball gun fight. Eventually they reach the sewers and come across a huge pile of lost items, but little did they realise is that they’ve trespassed the Sewer Queen’s domain, and as punishment, Craig has to drink dirty water from sewer but instead Craig takes the diplomatic approach to calm the situation and says he’s a “Creek Kid” just like them, he also gets his staff back.

The pilot episode is not yet available on Cartoon Network USA’s YouTube channel, the only official way to view the pilot episode is by using the Cartoon Network App.

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