Future Plans For Cartoon Network Central Eastern Europe In Czech Republic And Slovakia

Future Plans For Cartoon Network Central Eastern Europe In Czech Republic And Slovakia

Future Plans For Cartoon Network Central Eastern Europe In Czech Republic And Slovakia

According to Czech media news website rozhlas.cz, Turner Broadcasting System Europe has released some information about the future of the new Czech language soundtrack on Cartoon Network Central Eastern Europe and HD feed and progress made since launch on 20th September 2017. Turner has been planning to fully launch Cartoon Network in the Czech Republic and Slovakia markets five years ago (a year before the launch in Portugal, which was the last time a new Cartoon Network feed was launched in Europe) and has been actively working on the launch over the last 12 months. During the five years, the Czech and Slovak markets were closely monitored by Turner to find a suitable time for a full launch (rival children’s networks Nickelodeon and Disney Channel already provide a Czech audio service).

Now it has been less than two months after the launch of the Czech audio track on Cartoon Network Central Eastern Europe, most of the programming on the channel is now available in the Czech language and a full 100% Czech service will be ready by early 2018. Also to clarify, there won’t be a Slovak language soundtrack, at least in the foreseeable future, the Czech soundtrack (as well as English) is available in Slovakia, both Czech and Slovak are mutually intelligible to an extent.

At present the HD feed is upscaled and isn’t full HD, Turner’s technical team is currently working on providing a full HD service, a HD feed was one of the carriage requirements by cable TV provider UPC Czech Republic. A full HD launch will put Cartoon Network ahead of its rivals in the Czech-Slovak market. An advertising opt-out is now operational and will be implemented properly by the beginning of next year, Atmedia currently handle ad-sales for the channel, and the channel could transition from a UK based OFCOM broadcast license to a Czech-based RRTV broadcasting licence. The Czech version of the Cartoon Network website (http://www.cartoonnetwork.cz) is now operational with a constant flow of new videos and games added to the website.

Cartoon Network CEE will soon be rebranded soon with the Dimensional graphics package and the channel is now available to stream on UPC’s Horizon Go TV anywhere service.


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