Cartoon Network Plans To Open Theme Park Zone At Amaazia Water Park In India

Cartoon Network Plans To Open Theme Park Zone At Amaazia Water Park In India

Cartoon Network Plans To Open Theme Park Zone At Amaazia Water Park In India

Today (09/11/2017), Turner International India have announced their plans to open a Cartoon Network theme park area at the Amaazia Water Park located in Surat, India. The new theme park area will cover over 61,000 square meters and will 33 different rides and attractions featuring many of Cartoon Network’s famous animated characters from its popular shows including Ben 10, The Powerpuff Girls and Adventure Time. The attraction aims to attract one million visitors in its first year. The new attraction has been designed by the Australia-based thematic attraction design company – Sanderson Group.

The Amaazia water park officially opened to the public last December and already features a variety of water slides and pools, the new theme park zone at Amaazia will be Cartoon Network’s first amusement park in India. At the new Cartoon Network theme park, visitors will also get to meet and greet with various characters from channel’s animated shows. Outside of India, Cartoon Network already has a water park in Pattaya, Thailand named Cartoon Network Amazone and has a theme park zone at IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

When announcing the new attraction, Siddharth Jain, the managing director of Turner India, said: “We are always on a lookout for ways to increase our engagement with the fans. For us, they are not viewers or subscribers, they are fans. This venture is a great way to interact and engage with the fans in a different, yet effective way. Also, the park is located at the heart of the city, make it accessible for the residents, and people from neighbouring cities”

Anand Singh, the director of Cartoon Network Enterprises in South Asia, added: “We have two other theme parks, one in Dubai and the other in Pattaya. While the attractions will provide visibility and engagement with consumers, the retail outlets will help with pushing merchandise to the relevant target group.”

Sanjay Movaliya, the chairman of Rajgreen Group, the owner of the Amaazia water park, sees the Amaazia water park project as a passion of his and after visiting various theme parks around the world, he decided he wanted to open one in India, he said: “Since the mid to late 90s, when I started travelling abroad extensively, I used to visit theme parks and amusement parks. While I thoroughly enjoyed them as a visitor, I also always wondered when India will have such a facility. So, when a piece of land ideal for such a project came up, I bid for it and won and started the water park initially”

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