Cartoon Network Africa Imagination Studios Winners Shorts To Air On 11th December

Cartoon Network Africa Imagination Studios Winners Shorts To Air On 11th December

Cartoon Network Africa Imagination Studios Winners Shorts To Air On 11th December

On Monday 11th December 2017, Cartoon Network Africa will be airing new animated shorts based on the four winning entries from Cartoon Network Africa’s Imagination Studios competition. Cartoon Network Imagination Studios is a competition where kids can explore their creativity, by either drawing an original cartoon character, storyboarding a short cartoon or make their own stop-motion animation. For the first time ever, these animated shorts were fully produced in Africa, the new shorts were also shown at the FupiToons Film Festival in Johannesburg, South Africa in October, FupiToons is a brand new festival dedicated to African produced animation.

Dida Bafor aged 8, Katlego Khambule aged 10, Maia Janse aged 11 and Zoё-Jane Mans aged 9 were this year’s Cartoon Network Africa Imagination Studios competition winners. Dida’s winning drawing – “Adventures of the Talking Pizza” has been transformed into an animated short called “The Great Escape”, which follows the story of two siblings – John and Lizzy who are also pizza slices. Katlego’s creation – The Doodling Duo has been turned into the animated short – “Attack of the Slug Monster”, Maia’s winning creation is entitled “Llama Drama” and Zoë-Jane’s winning entry is Smarter Phones. The winners of this year’s competition were excited to see their creations come to life by the production team and are now looking forward to see their creations on Cartoon Network in December for all their families and friends to see.

To produce the shorts, Cartoon Network has worked with several African companies specialising in animation production, scriptwriting and sound production, including MyChild TV, Mind’s Eye Creative, Punch Money Studios and Audio Militia.

The Creative director at Mind’s Eye Creative – Ryan van Eyk commented on the competition and thinks CN’s Imagination Studios initiative is great for teaching kids about animation:

“The really cool thing about this initiative is getting kids involved in understanding animation production and the whole process of animating their drawings locally has shown them that their imaginations can come to life.”

Jaime Ondarza, senior vice president for Turner Southern Europe & Africa also added:

“We’re excited about showing the winning four animated shorts across Africa on Cartoon Network. We have been extremely impressed by the creativity and collaborative efforts from all our partners in making this possible. It has been amazing to walk this journey with the Imagination Studios winners and see their imaginative entries coming alive right before their eyes.”

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