Halloween 2017 On Cartoon Network Worldwide Overview

Halloween 2017 On Cartoon Network Worldwide Overview

Halloween 2017 On Cartoon Network Worldwide Overview

Cartoon Network USA

For Halloween 2017, Cartoon Network USA has decided to do a “haunted videotape” theme, featuring animated ghosts causing an X-Ray effect on the channel’s cartoon characters, causing the channel to have a badly tracked VHS tape effect and making as if the viewers’ set-top box is possessed, this includes changing the channel by itself.

Cartoon Network USA will be airing new Halloween specials tomorrow (Friday 27th October) from 6pm ET/PT, with Halloween specials airing everyday until Halloween (Tuesday 21st October). More info on the link below.



Cartoon Network Southeast Asia

Cartoon Network Southeast Asia is having a funny and frightening Halloween with a special programming event – Howlarious Halloween, featuring Halloween specials of Uncle Grandpa, We Bare Bears, Regular Show, Ben 10, Teen Titans Go! and The Amazing World of Gumball and also a selection of movies too.

New episodes air on Weekends at 9am (Singapore/Malaysia) from Saturday 21st October and Weekdays at 3pm (Singapore/Malaysia). Howlarious Halloween will start on the Cartoon Network Philippines sub-feed from Saturday 28th October airing at 10.15am.


Cartoon Network Portugal

Cartoon Network Portugal will be having a Halloween themed breakfast block (Clube Da Torrada) this weekend (Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th October), featuring Halloween specials of Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, The Powerpuff Girls, Uncle Grandpa, Teen Titans Go!, Clarence and Adventure Time.


Cartoon Network Latin America/Brazil

Cartoon Network Latin America/Brazil will be having an Haunted House themed Halloween programming event this year called “Halloween No Tan de Terror” (Spanish)/”Halloween Sinistro” (Portuguese), starting from this Saturday (28th October) until Saturday 4th November. Halloween on Cartoon Network Latin America will start off with the new Teen Titans Go! Halloween special “Halloween vs Christmas” on Saturday 28th October at 1pm Colombia, 2pm Brazil, 3pm Argentina/Mexico/Chile.

Also airing this Halloween on Cartoon Network Latin America/Brazil

Uncle Grandpa New Halloween special – “Costume Crisis” airs Saturday 28th October at 1.30pm Colombia, 2.30pm Brazil, 3.30pm Argentina/Mexico/Chile.

Regular Show – Terror Tales of the Park Halloween marathon will air on Sunday 29th October from 10am Colombia, 12pm Argentina/Mexico/Chile/Brazil. The Regular Show Terror Tales of the Park – Part 6 special premieres at the end of the marathon.

Charlie from We Bare Bears hosts an evening of spooky stories in a new episode: We Bare Bears – Charlie’s Halloween Thing, airs 10am Columbia, 11am Argentina/Chile, 12.30pm Brazil, 3pm Mexico on Monday 30th October.

More info on the link below: