Cartoon Network Australia And Boomerang Australia January 2018 Highlights

Cartoon Network Australia And Boomerang Australia January 2018 Highlights

Cartoon Network Australia And Boomerang Australia January 2018 Highlights: From The Official Turner Asia-Pacific/Catapult Communications Press Release

Cartoon Network Australia January 2018 Highlights

Brand New Show

OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes

Premieres Saturday 6th January, airs Saturdays at 9am.

Cartoon Network powers up a connected world of original heroes across the TV and gaming landscape with the brand-new Cartoon Network Original action-comedy series OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes. The adventure series stars K.O., a tiny champion with maximum heart, whose deepest desire is to become the greatest hero! With the guidance of his new co-workers Enid and Rad, his ultra-hero boss
Mr. Gar and his super-powered mum Carol, K.O. has all the inspiration and support to help lead him on his journey to level up.

In this videogame inspired world, K.O. works at Gar’s Bodega in Lakewood Plaza, a one-stop shop for all your hero needs. Whether he’s mopping the floor with Lord Boxman’s evil robots or literally
mopping the floor, K.O. tackles everything with his cheery, endless enthusiasm. Every person is a hero to look up to, every challenge is a chance to grow stronger and every success or failure is just another stepping stone to becoming the ultimate hero.

Summer Toons: School Holiday Special

Airs everyday from 9am from Tuesday 2nd January.

These summer holidays, Cartoon Network brings all your favourite shows, back-to-back in marathon madness! Catch Ben 10, The Powerpuff Girls, We Bare Bears, Adventure Time, Mighty Magiswords, and more during the week. Then back-to-back premieres on weekends featuring the brand new show OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes, and brand new episodes of The Amazing World of Gumball, Clarence, and LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu!

New Episodes

The Amazing World Of Gumball

Airs from Saturday 6th January, airs weekends at 9.25am.

Gumball is back with brand new episodes as part of Summer Toons! The fun loving and mischievous 12-year-old blue cat, together with his family and best friend Darwin, head up hilarious adventures in school and across town. This month, Gumball is forced to go back to kindergarten when his smart answers are not so smart. Gumball also decides to play cupid when he finds out Darwin likes a girl in his class. The hilarious adventures are sure to continue with this bunch of zany characters.


Airs from Saturday 6th January from 9.50am.

Brand new episodes as part of Summer Toons! Clarence is a show that celebrates the best of childhood: epic dirt fights, awkward crushes, trampoline combat, sleepover pranks and secret tree forts! And it does so through the eyes of Clarence, a spirited, quirky boy who sees the best in all things. When Clarence’s neighbour Gale recruits him to dog sit for her, he knows it will be a breeze – being the self-proclaimed “Dog King,” Clarence knows all there is to know about pups. Nevertheless, Gale’s dog proves to be a little more challenging than he expects!

Cartoon Network Australia And Boomerang Australia January 2018 Highlights

Boomerang Australia January 2018 Highlights

Brand New Short Form Series

The Happos Family

Airs from Monday 1st January (New Year’s Day), airs everyday at 10am.

This brand new Boomerang original series features a family of Happos. The Happos live in an enclosure in a European safari park where human visitors drive past the Happos during the day, taking pictures of them wallowing in the mud, lazing by the pool and sleeping in the shade of the tree. When the last car races out of the safari park and the gates are shut to all visitors, the Happos
jump up out of the mud, wake up from their snoozing and get dressed up. It’s now their time for crazy, zany, Happo adventures!

In this 20 episode series, we get to know each one of the ten costumed Happos. Whether it’s Astro Happo longing to fly to the moon, or Stunt Happo attempting a daredevil feat, or Party Happo in a
dance off with Ballerina and Bollywood, each storyline is laugh-out-loud, slap stick comedy with lots of heart!

New Episodes

Inspector Gadget

Airs from Saturday 6th January, airs on Saturdays at 10.30am.

Inspector Gadget is back with brand new episodes! Dr. Claw has reactivated his global crime syndicate MAD and the bumbling Swiss army knife detective has been brought out of retirement to save the world! Tagging along with Gadget is his niece Penny and her trusty dog, Brain. Now an agent in training, Penny uses her intelligence, martial arts and high-tech gear to keep her bumbling Uncle Gadget safe from harm. But it won’t be easy. Dr. Claw has a secret weapon. His handsome nephew Talon is eager to learn a little old school evil as they try to take over the world.

Summer Movies: School Holiday Special

Airs from Monday 1st January (New Year’s Day), airs weekdays at 11.30am.

These summer holidays Boomerang is jam packed with laugh-out-loud funny films every week day! Tune in to catch all your favourite family flicks featuring Tom and Jerry, Barbie, Alpha & Omega and
Scooby Doo!

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