Interview Summary With Cartoon Network CEE Manager Matthias Heinze And Turner Marketing Manager Mira Ryness

Interview Summary With Cartoon Network CEE Manager Matthias Heinze And Turner Marketing Manager Mira Ryness

Interview Summary With Cartoon Network CEE Manager Matthias Heinze And Turner Marketing Manager Mira Ryness

Today (29/09/2017), Czech media news website has published an interview with Matthias Heinze, the general manager of Turner Central Eastern Europe and Benelux and with Mira Ryness, marketing and PR manager at Turner EMEA, in the interview both Matthias and Mira were asked a series of questions about the future of Cartoon Network and its animated shows. Cartoon Network fully launched in the Czech Republic this month, and the channel has started airing its animated shows in the Czech language.

Summary of the interview:

Matthias Heinze explains that the Czech language launch on Cartoon Network only happened due to the recent development of the Czech pay-TV market, neighbouring countries such as Poland have a high percentage of households with subscription television, hence why Cartoon Network has been available in the Polish language for several years. Mira also mentioned that Czech children are already familiar with the channel’s content which airs on other pay-TV and free-to-air channels in the country.

Matthias explained that Cartoon Network’s original programming (from Cartoon Network Studios etc.) forms a main part of the network’s “pillar” and is the main reason why kids want to watch the channel, along with the company’s emphasis on multi-platform digital services also allows the channel to stand out from its competitors. Matthias also said that Cartoon Network is interested in working with animators in the Czech Republic to work on projects, however nothing specific is planned at the moment, in other markets, the channel already has experience producing local content.

Mira said that Cartoon Network will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in different ways in different markets, such as the exhibition at the Paley Center in New York, she also mentioned that celebrations will last a whole year and not just a month. Matthias mentioned that there isn’t any plans for any more reboots (at least for the time being), he also mentioned that Wacky Races will air on Boomerang Central Eastern Europe later this year and new episodes of New Looney Tunes are already airing. He also said that rebooting Ben 10 and The Powerpuff Girls made a lot of sense as both shows were highly popular during their original run, the reboots have been modernised to make them relevant for the new generation of kids, however new content is important too. Mira also mentioned that a lot of care must be taken when rebooting a show, the new show must be true to the original source material.

Matthias also talked about future plans for Boomerang, at the moment, Boomerang will only be distributed in English in the Czech Republic, he explains that Boomerang has a lot of shows (Tom and Jerry or Grizzy and the Lemmings are good examples) that have little to no dialogue and simple words. Also mentioned in the interview, the Czech Republic will have an local advertising opt-out starting from next year and Turner is currently negotiating with local pay-TV providers to distribute the new HD feed which is planned to launch in a few weeks time.–1757958

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