Boomerang MENA’s New Website

Boomerang MENA's New Website

Boomerang MENA’s New Website

Boomerang MENA’s (Middle East and North Africa) website has launched and just like the other Boomerang websites in Europe and Africa, there’s different sections for each show that airs on Boomerang, including classic favourites such as Tom and Jerry and Scooby-Doo! and modern shows such as Bunnicula and My Knight and Me. There’s also video clips of Boomerang’s popular shows and web browser games too. Compared to other Boomerang websites, Boomerang MENA’s website has a unique feature – the ability to switch languages, in this case, Arabic and English.

Special thanks to zakawer2 from the ToonZone Forums for the information:

Boomerang MENA’s website in English:

Boomerang MENA’s website in Arabic:

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