Outright Games Developing New Adventure Time And Ben 10 Console And PC Games

Outright Games Developing New Adventure Time And Ben 10 Console And PC Games

Outright Games Developing New Adventure Time And Ben 10 Console And PC Games

London and Los Angeles based game publisher – Outright Games will releasing two brand new games for consoles and PC’s based on Cartoon Network’s internationally renowned and critically acclaimed Adventure Time and Ben 10 franchises. Outright Games is known for creating family-friendly video games based on toys, movies and cartoons. The Adventure Time game will be released in early 2018, in the game, the Land of Ooo is flooded, in order to get Finn and Jake’s homeland back to normal, the player will have to use their investigation skills to crack the mystery, the game will allow the player to explore around the Land of Ooo as seen in the show. As a game publisher, Outright Games also worked on another Adventure Time PC and console game – Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations.

In the Ben 10 game, the player takes the role of show’s alien transforming hero – Ben Tennyson, in the game, the player must unlock the Omnitrix’s ten alien transformations allowing Ben to save the galaxy, the Ben 10 game will feature a brand new adventure and the game is planned to be released sometime toward the end of 2017. The two brand new games haven’t been given final titles yet and no information has been released to confirm which game consoles will get the two releases.

From The Outright Games Press Release: Outright Games Announces New Cartoon Network Licenses For Multiple Platforms: Popular Franchises Adventure Time And Ben 10 Are Set For Fresh Adventures

Worldwide video game publisher, Outright Games is proud to announce new games for console and PC based on Cartoon Network’s award-winning hit series Adventure Time and its top-grossing global franchise Ben 10.

Focusing on creating high-quality license-based video games for the family entertainment market, Outright Games’ new titles will take characters from Cartoon Network’s popular original series Adventure Time and Ben 10 to create new experiences for fans and gamers alike. Adventure Time will feature the Land of Ooo submerged into watery chaos, where exploration, battle and even interrogation will be key skills to unplugging the mystery. Based on a brand new TV series of the beloved franchise, Ben 10 will introduce a fresh adventure in the incredible universe where some of Ben’s most infamous enemies await. Players must discover and unlock 10 alien transformations to aid Ben in saving the galaxy.

“We’re very pleased to announce our partnership with Cartoon Network with Adventure Time and Ben 10, which we believe will be the first of many quality titles coming soon from us,” said Terry Malham, CEO of Outright Games. “We’re a family business with a passion for creating fantastic family entertainment, and we know our collaboration with Cartoon Network, combined with our expertise and ability to make great games will mean we can bring fun brands we love to gamers around the world.”

Ben 10 will release in Q4 of 2017, with Adventure Time planned for release in early 2018. For more information, please visit http://www.outrightgames.com

About Outright Games:

Founded in 2016, and based in the UK and US, Outright Games is a family business making family entertainment. We are passionate about creating great games with quality licenses, as we understand the value of brands, and the relationships they share with consumers. We use our expertise to create high-quality video games, combined with our ability to distribute on a global scale. Wherever the Outright Games logo is found, you can feel assured that the game will be suitable and fun for the whole family to play together.