Cartoon Network Africa Wins First Place For Coolest Kids Channel In Generation Next Survey

Cartoon Network Africa Wins First Place For Coolest Kids Channel In Generation Next Survey

Cartoon Network Africa Wins First Place For Coolest Kids Channel In Generation Next Survey

The South African newspaper – Sunday Times has released results from the 13th edition of their Generation Next Youth Brand Survey and according to the survey, it’s Turner’s best ever results for their children’s channels. The survey was conducted not only to find out kids’, teenagers’ and young adults’ favourite brands but also their thoughts, minds, desires and needs. According to the survey, Cartoon Network has been voted the number one “Coolest Kids TV Channel’ for 2017 (20% of the vote), climbing from fourth place in 2013 (14.2%). Cartoon Network also achieved second place in the “Coolest TV Channel” category for the second consecutive year. Also according to the survey, Regular Show is the 2nd “Coolest Cartoon Show” in South Africa, with Teen Titans Go! also being in fifth place. Also, Rigby and Mordecai from Cartoon Network’s Regular Show, were voted the 6th and 8th “Coolest Animated Brand Characters” in the whole of South Africa.

Boomerang has also seen an increase in popularity, doubling from 4.5% to 9.8%, Boomerang’s infamous cat and mouse frenemy duo – Tom and Jerry was voted the “Coolest Cartoon Show” for the third year in a row and also earned the top spot in the “Coolest Animated Brand Characters” category. Mr Bean: The Animated Series achieved 7th place in the ‘Coolest Animated Brand Characters’ category while reaching 9th place in the “Coolest Cartoon Show” category. In the 2017 survey, Boomerang was ranked as the 5th “Coolest Kids Channel”. The survey was conducted by HDI Youth Marketeers on behalf of The Sunday Times, and congratulations to Turner Africa for the fantastic results.

From The Turner Africa/Burson-Marsteller Press Release: Turner Kids is Just Too Cool for School! Turner’s kid focused channels, Cartoon Network and Boomerang, recognised and voted top of their class in Generation Next Youth Brand Survey

The results of the 13th Sunday Times Generation Next Youth Brand Survey, conducted by HDI Youth Marketeers, have been made public, and get this, Turner’s cartoon characters and channels are right up there rocking the votes with its best performing year ever!

The Youth Survey, aimed at tapping into the thoughts, minds, desires and needs of the local youth market, aged between eight and 23, really allows brands to understand where they are at in the minds of their consumers.

Over the past five years, Cartoon Network has in the Kids TV Channel category gone from 4th place in 2013 (at 14.2%) to first place in 2017 (at 20%). Not only has the channel snatched the top spot after having been voted the #1 ‘Coolest Kids TV Channel’, but also achieved 2nd spot in the overall ‘Coolest TV Channel’ category for the second consecutive year. Cartoon Network also featured twice in the top five for the ‘Coolest Cartoon Show’ with Regular Show and Teen Titans Go! coming in at #2 and #5 respectively. To top it off, Rigby and Mordecai from the Regular Show, were voted the #6 and #8 ‘Coolest Animated Brand Characters’ in the whole of South Africa!

Boomerang has also grown over the past five years, doubling from having a 4.5% vote, to a 9.8% vote, Boomerang’s famous cat and mouse dynamo duo, Tom & Jerry was voted the ‘Coolest Cartoon Show’ EVER for the third year in a row! The partners in crime also scooped top spot in the ‘Animated Brand Characters’ category and, the Boomerang channel rated the 5th ‘Coolest Kids Channel’ overall. The continuing escapades of Mr Bean: The Animated Series affirmed its position as the #7 ‘Coolest Animated Brand Characters’ while coming in at ninth place overall for the ‘Coolest Cartoon Show’.

Catherine Bothma, MD of HDI Youth Marketeers says: “This has been the first year that Turner Kids TV channels has been so rewarded in this study, winning across age categories (kids, teens and young adults), which was interestingly dominated by a male vote. They beat last year’s winner, who placed second this year, by a considerable 3.7% margin.”

Pierre Branco, VP and Managing Director of Turner Africa says: “We here at Turner are so pleased with the results! It is so wonderful to watch our channels and characters live, grow and thrive – especially in such a competitive environment where children are absolutely spoiled for choice. This is an affirmation that Turner’s kids channels have entrenched themselves in the South African youth and are seen to be cool and widely loved. Congratulations to everyone concerned and a huge thank you to all our consumers who voted for us!”

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