Cartoon Network USA April Fool’s Day 2017

Cartoon Network USA April Fools Day 2017

Cartoon Network USA April Fool’s Day 2017

Yesterday (01/04/2017), was April Fool’s Day, a day of pranking and fooling people about and Cartoon Network USA was no exception and this year in particular will be a remembered one, googly eyes were placed on the main characters of their animated shows. 😀

Later that night, Adult Swim aired nothing but the unexpected season three premiere of Rick and Morty until midnight ET/PT. Adult Swim will premiere the rest of Rick and Morty season three this summer, and new episodes of Rick and Morty will also air in the UK soon.

For April Fool’s weekend on Cartoon Network UK, there was a marathon of Cartoon Network’s comedy shows and new episodes of Teen Titans Go!.

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