Cartoon Network UK And Weetabix Partner For Another Weetabuddies Campaign

Cartoon Network UK And Weetabix Partner For Another Weetabuddies Campaign

Cartoon Network UK And Weetabix Partner For Another Weetabuddies Campaign

Cartoon Network UK and breakfast cereal manufacturer – Weetabix has teamed up once again for another Weetabuddies sponsorship campaign. The Weetabuddies campaign encourages creativity and educates kids the importance of eating a healthy breakfast. As part of the campaign, Weetabix will be sponsoring Cartoon Network UK’s before-school breakfast timeslot. This year, the campaign will run in four different months: April, July, September and November, on Cartoon Network’s sister channel – Boomerang, the campaign will run in three different months: April, September and November.

The campaign will also include a competition, where kids can create their own character made with Weetabix, nuts, fruit and other healthy toppings. The two most creative competition entries will be chosen by Cartoon Network and Weetabix and be featured in specially made sponsorship spots on the channel, the winning entries will be shown on-screen in September. The two winners will win a trip to London and the chance to visit a recording studio to direct the voiceover artists behind their characters.

Previously, Cartoon Network has turned some of their famous cartoon characters into Weetabuddies for the campaign including Adventure Time’s Jake the Dog to Regular Show’s Rigby and Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls. Cartoon Network has also made a Weetabuddy version of Grizz, Ice Bear and Panda from We Bare Bears.

The Weetabuddies campaign has expanded into Cartoon Network’s Imagination Studios initiative, which will feature a behind-the-scenes Weetabuddies video with a food stylist using Weetabix and food toppings to show how to create Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls as well as Uncle Grandpa. Cartoon Network’s short-form random entertainment app – Cartoon Network Anything will also feature Weetabuddies content.

From The Turner UK Press Release: Cartoon Network and Weetabix bring kids breakfast cereal creations to life in Weetabuddies 2017 campaign

Cartoon Network and Weetabix have renewed their multi-channel Weetabuddies campaign to inspire a new generation of cereal eaters to get creative and start the day off in the best way possible – with a healthy nutritious breakfast. The campaign offers kids the chance to see their breakfast cereal creations brought to life on-air in September. Kids and their families can enter the competition via the Cartoon Network UK Weetabuddies microsite, which will be live from Saturday 1st April.

Kids wishing to enter the Weetabuddies competition are encouraged to upload a photo of their Weetabuddy creations via the microsite, the two most creative characters will then be selected by both Cartoon Network and Weetabix to be featured on-air in TV spots. The two lucky winners, alongside their parent or guardian, will also win a trip to London and the opportunity to visit a recording studio to direct the voiceover artists behind their characters and see their Weetabuddies recreated by a food stylist.

Cartoon Network and Weetabix’s partnership will also include Weetabuddies sponsorship in peak breakfast time slots on Cartoon Network for all of April, July, September and November. Additionally, there will be an on-air channel sponsorship of Cartoon Network’s sister channel Boomerang in April, September and November. Each sponsorship ident will center on different Weetabuddy personalities in a cereal bowl telling each other entertaining food-based jokes.

Andrew Mallandaine, UK sales director, Turner, says:

“We are delighted to be working with Weetabix again in 2017 as part of their renewal of the hugely popular Weetabuddies campaign. This year’s partnership will see Weetabix continue the successful sponsorship of ‘Breakfasts on Cartoon Network’. Our Cartoon Network viewers loved the award-winning Weetabuddies creative we featured on-air last year and we hope the campaign will continue to encourage kids to get creative and excited about Weetabix’s healthy breakfast cereal.”

Commenting on the campaign, Charlotte Hunt, Weetabix Brand Manager, says: “When we launched the Weetabuddies campaign our aim was to build the next generation of cereal eaters by getting them excited with a fun and creative way of eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast and upping their intake of fruit. In 2016 the Weetabuddies campaign was hugely successful for us delivering an increase in sales, the brand’s biggest viral success, and over 10,000 competition entries as well as having a positive impact on consumers viewing the brand as more exciting, tasty and fun! It’s hugely exciting to be partnering with Cartoon Network again in 2017 and means we’ll be on Kids TV for 52 weeks of the year, encouraging families to get creative and enjoy a fun and nutritious breakfast.”

Cartoon Network has also transformed some of its most famous faces into Weetabuddies for the campaign for a second year in a row – from Adventure Time’s Jake the dog to Regular Show’s Rigby and Powerpuff Girls’ Bubbles – kids will be able to recognise their favourite Cartoon Network characters in their new Weetabuddy form.

Furthermore, Cartoon Network plans to utilise their digital platforms, Cartoon Network Anything and Imagination Studios to further push the Weetabuddies campaign. Imagination Studios, an online destination that promotes creativity amongst kids aged 6 to 12, will feature a Weetabuddies ‘making of’ video. The video will include a food stylist explaining to kids how to make their very own version of an Uncle Grandpa Weetabuddy and will introduce the all-new Blossom (The Powerpuff Girls) Weetabuddy, using healthy toppings and Weetabix. The popular Cartoon Network Anything is a free app that allows kids to experience a stream of short, fun Cartoon Network content made for the small screen, making content accessible whenever, wherever!

Kids and their families can find out more, “Meet the Weetabuddies”, play exclusive Weetabuddy-themed mini-games and enter competitions for a chance to win some very cool prizes by visiting:

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