Cartoon Network Philippines New Generations Research Findings

Cartoon Network Philippines New Generations Research Findings

Cartoon Network Philippines New Generations Research Findings

In a Philippine Daily Inquirer news article with David Webb, Turner Asia Pacific’s regional director of research, some interesting facts about Cartoon Network’s, Boomerang’s and Toonami’s audiences in the Philippines were mentioned. In the article, Mr Webb said that Filipinos understand English and western humour and Cartoon Network is the number one kids channel in the country, he also mentioned that Cartoon Network is a top five channel in the Manila (the country’s capital) metropolitan area.

Cartoon Network surveyed 500 child-parent pairs for an insight into kids’ entertainment preferences in a research survey called “New Generations”, research has found that kids in the country still prefer to watch TV compared to spending time on the internet. According to parents, TV is considered to be a trusted source of entertainment when compared to social media and online video services. However, there has been a sharp increase of children watching videos online, the popularity of mobile apps and games among children have also increased. As a result of the increase in usage of mobile apps, Turner will continue to invest in more multiplatform content.

According to the survey, the most popular Cartoon Network shows in the Philippines are Ben 10 and The Powerpuff Girls. The most popular Boomerang shows are Tom and Jerry and Scooby-Doo! and on Toonami, the most popular shows are Yo-Kai Watch and Dragon Ball Super.

David Webb also stated that Cartoon Network has stayed true to the channel’s original purpose – animated comedy and the company will adapt to any changes in audience behavior:

“It has stayed true to its brand promise for more than 20 years—delivering hilarious, animated comedy that is guaranteed to surprise and entertain. While [our study] discovers changes in behavior and media habits, the style of our fun content will never change.”

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