Mighty Magiswords New Show Promo Now Airing On Cartoon Network UK

Mighty Magiswords New Show Promo Now Airing On Cartoon Network UK

Mighty Magiswords New Show Promo Now Airing On Cartoon Network UK

Cartoon Network UK is now airing a promo for their brand new show – Mighty Magiswords. Throughout time, mankind has been forging swords to strike fear into their enemies, but until now there’s never been a sword shaped like a cheeseburger or a rocket, or a dolphin or even a sword that shoots tomatoes. Created by Kyle Carrozza, Mighty Magiswords follows Vambre and Prohyas, a brother and sister team of “Warriors for Hire”, who go on adventures around the land of Lyvsheria and collect magical swords with silly but special powers.

The warriors often go on different missions requested by the citizens of Lyvsheria, especially by Princess Zange, the Princess of Rhyboflaven or the Mysterious Hooded Woman. During their adventures, the warriors make friends with Grup, a harmless but dimwitted dragon and they eventually cross paths with their adventure business rivals, Morbidia and Gateaux.

Mighty Magiswords isn’t just any ordinary adventure show, there’s always giant spiders, dragons or dinosaurs and many more for the two warriors to battle against, but luckily for Vambre and Prohyas, there’s always a magisword to get them out of any tricky situation often with humorous results. Mighty Magiswords originated as a short-form 15-second interactive series developed especially for the Cartoon Network Anything app and is now an 11-minutes per episode animated show.

Mighty Magiswords is more than a show, it’s also an interactive experience, almost 400 pieces of original content have been specially developed for the series, extra content includes shorts, vlogs, web and mobile games, and interactive narrative content. Cartoon Network has also developed a special mobile app called MagiMobile that allows viewers to collect Magiswords as they watch episodes of Mighty Magiswords, the app works via audio detection technology, by using the app, the viewer will get to keep a virtual version of the sword featured in the episode.

Mighty Magiswords, a brand new Cartoon Network original series, premieres on Cartoon Network UK and Ireland on Saturday 8th April at 8.30am. In the meantime, check out the Mighty Magiswords interactive microsite on the Cartoon Network UK website to find out more about the different types of swords, the characters, watch videos, or explore the different places as featured in the show.


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