Boomerang USA’s New Social Media Accounts

Boomerang USA's New Social Media Accounts

Boomerang USA’s New Social Media Accounts: Follow These Social Media Accounts To Keep Yourself Updated

Relating to the news of Boomerang USA launching their very own SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) service yesterday (07/03/2017), Boomerang USA has also announced the launch of two new official Twitter accounts, @BoomerangToons and @BoomToonsPR. The @BoomerangToons account will mostly used for promoting the new streaming service and for posting news updates, such as new shows, new episodes and new features added to the service. The @BoomToonsPR account is the public relations Twitter account, this is usually where news articles from reputable third-party news outlets regarding the Boomerang streaming service are posted and any other additional news that Boomerang wants to release to the public and the press.

Boomerang’s Twitter Account:
Boomerang’s Public Relations Twitter Account:

Boomerang USA also has a YouTube channel, at the moment, the YouTube channel has video clips from Wabbit: A Looney Tunes Production and a couple of Boomerang streaming service promotional videos.

Boomerang USA also now has an official Facebook page, it has a similar purpose to the @BoomerangToons Twitter account.

Also check out the official Boomerang Instagram account, featuring photos of classic cartoon characters and short video clips:

For more information about the new Boomerang cartoon streaming service which is due to launch this Spring, please visit

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