Cartoon Network News In Brief Early February 2016

Cartoon Network News In Brief Early February 2016

Cartoon Network News In Brief Early February 2016

Jack is Back: Samurai Jack Toonami USA Teaser Promo

Adult Swim USA has uploaded a teaser promo for Samurai Jack season five, the promo is also airing on Adult Swim. In the promo, we see Jack in a rainstorm in the cover of darkness holding his sword and then, a sudden flash of lightning reveals his face, the only text in the promo (with exception to “Adult Swim” on the endboard of course) is “Jack’s Back” and “03/11/2017”. 03/11/2017 (USA date format) or 11/03/2017 (International date format), is the date the new season will premiere.

Don’t Call Me Princess Programming Event On Cartoon Network France

All next week, Cartoon Network France will be having a Don’t Call Me Princess (French title: M’Appelle Pas Princesse) programming event, airing Monday to Friday from 10.45am. Don’t Call Me Princess features the best episodes featuring the girls of Cartoon Network, including Princess Bubblegum and Marceline in Adventure Time, The Crystal Gems in Steven Universe, Nicole and Anais from the Amazing World of Gumball and Starfire and Raven in Teen Titans Go!

Cartoon Network UK Live Q&A With Mighty Magiswords Creator Kyle Carrozza

Cartoon Network UK will be having a Live Q&A session with the creator of Cartoon Network’s latest show – Mighty Magiswords which is coming to the UK very soon. The Q&A session will take place on Cartoon Network UK’s Facebook page next Wednesday, this will be an opportunity to ask any questions about the show or the creator. This will be Cartoon Network UK’s first ever Facebook Live Q&A session. Don’t know much about the show yet? Then check out the brand new Mighty Magiswords microsite at, the site has biographies of all of the main characters from the show, information about the some of the magiswords featured in the show, watch video clips and explore the land of Lyvsheria. Cartoon Network UK will start airing minisodes of Mighty Magiswords from Saturday 11th February at 9am.

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