Summer Camp Island Coming To Cartoon Network In 2018

Summer Camp Island Coming To Cartoon Network In 2018

Summer Camp Island Coming To Cartoon Network In 2018

Today (30/01/2017), Cartoon Network has announced that they’ve greenlit a new animated series called “Summer Camp Island”, the show will premiere on Cartoon Network next year. The show is about two best friends named Oscar and Hedgehog staying at a magical summer camp full of mystery and wonder. On Summer Camp Island, anything can happen and exist, it’s a place of witches and talking sharks and monsters hiding underneath beds.

The new show is based upon Julia Pott’s animated short of the same name, the short was screened at this year’s Sundance Film Festival in the Animated Short Films category as well as the Ottawa International Film Festival 2016, Toronto International Film Festival 2016 and several others. The animated short was developed at Cartoon Network Studios as part of their successful animated shorts programme.

Rob Sorcher, Cartoon Network’s Chief Content Officer, explained that Summer Camp Island is a magical place where anyone would like to be, he also commented on the creator’s warm artistic approach and inventiveness during the short’s development.

“Summer Camp Island is a great example of the kind of creativity generated by our acclaimed studio shorts program. We are all wanting to spend summers inside this timeless and magical world captured by Julia’s signature warmth and inventiveness.”

Julia Pott is a British animation director based in New York, she joined the Adventure Time writing team in January 2015. Julia graduated from Kingston University in 2007 and completed a masters degree at The Royal College of Art in London in 2011.

Short clip from the Summer Camp Island animated short:

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