I’m Back And Merry Christmas

I'm Back

I’m Back And Merry Christmas

Hi everyone, I’m recovering from a quick and sharp depression I had. Depression is a horrible thing to go though, you stop doing the things you enjoy and can only think about all the bad situations that happened in your life, even though you have absolutely nothing to be sad about. Anyway, I got rid of my negative thoughts and I wish to continue, for some reason before Christmas I always get depressed or ill. I’ve shown this website to a few of my colleagues at work, they were impressed by it, one of them was an animation enthusiast. I feared that showing this site would show me off as “babyish” and “immature”, but nope, it had the opposite effect. I absorb emotions like a sponge and I always feared what people thought of me, this was particularly painful and difficult while growing up and I’ve never been a sociable person. When I made that goodbye blog post, I was literally crying, I was so sad, but depression leads to irrational thoughts.

There’s only one person that writes on this blog and that’s me, I can get ill and upset like anyone else. Thank you for spending your time reading my blog, following me on Twitter, watching my YouTube channel, I suppose I’ll continue where I left off, luckily it’s quiet in terms of news during this time of year.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and lets move on from here.

6 thoughts on “I’m Back And Merry Christmas

  1. It’s a Christmas miracle! Glad the site is back, and I’m glad it got a good reception where you work.

    News usually is quiet around this time, though there is quite a bit happening on Cartoon Network USA next month. Don’t know if you’ve still been keeping up.

    Glad you were able to get your thoughts together. Hopefully, the site continues for a while. With all that said, merry Christmas!

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