Cartoon Network UK November 2016 Highlights

Cartoon Network UK November 2016 Highlights

Cartoon Network UK November 2016 Highlights: From The Official Turner UK Press Release

The Amazing Month Of Gumball: New Episodes And Marathons

Join the Wattersons this November for The Amazing Month of Gumball only on Cartoon Network! Our favourite twelve-year-old cat returns for more misadventure in brand new episodes of the BAFTA-award winning series. He’s joined by pet goldfish turned-brother Darwin, and of course, Mum, Dad, and Anais. Don’t miss our month-long special.

Gumball VS Regular Show Marathon
Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th November

Crazy, off-the-wall comedy surrounding the surreal misadventures of Mordecai and Rigby, two park groundskeepers facing a daily battle against their by-the-book boss, Benson!

Gumball VS Adventure Time Marathon
Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th November

Adventure Time, Cartoon Network’s Emmy® award-winning animated comedy series, debuted in April 2010 and soon became a ratings and pop culture phenomenon. Currently in its seventh season, Finn and Jake are having their most epic adventures ever!

Gumball VS We Bare Bears Marathon
Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th November

We Bare Bears is a comedy starring three bear brothers and their awkward attempts at assimilating into human society.

Gumball Weekend Marathon
Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th November

Brand New Show

Justice League Action

Premieres Sunday 27th November, new episodes airs weekends at 7.30am

The world’s greatest Super Heroes return to all new JUSTICE LEAGUE ACTION. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman lead the DC Universe Super Heroes against their most infamous foes in adventures packed with relentless thrills, fun and action. Whether defending Earth, facing invaders from space or battling the bizarre forces of magic, the always-rotating team of Justice League heroes, are up to any challenge.

Teen Titans Go! Vs The Powerpuff Girls Crossover Special

Airs Monday 7th November at 6.30pm.
New episodes of Teen Titans Go! airing weekdays at 6.30pm.
New episodes of The Powerpuff Girls airing weekdays at 6.45pm.

Wherever there are heroes, you will also find… other heroes! Where there are evil monkeys out to take over the world, these heroes must work together, unless of course they really like evil monkeys. Watch Teen Titans Go versus Powerpuff Girls, heroes versus heroes in an all new special only on Cartoon Network this month!

New Episodes

Ben 10

From Saturday 5th November, weekends at 10am

Everyone’s favourite 10-year-old is back and better than ever! While travelling the country on a seemingly endless summer vacation with his cousin Gwen and Grandpa Max, rambunctious earth-kid Ben Tennyson discovers an alien watch, The Omnitrix, granting him the power to transform into 10 powerful, kick-ass alien heroes! Embracing the cool action-packed energy that made the original show a worldwide sensation, and turbo-powering the laughs for a new generation of fans, its hero time!


From Monday 14th November, weekdays at 4pm

Cheerful, sincere, quirky and unwaveringly positive Clarence finds fun in the world that most people miss, as he rambles through life with this two best friends in tow – Sumo and Jeff. Watch brand new episodes of Clarence on Cartoon Network this month. Also part of Mega Mondays from Monday 7th November.

Transformers: Robots In Disguise

From Saturday 5th November, airs weekends at 7am

Years after we left the Autobots in “Transformers Prime” Bumblebee is summoned by Optimus Prime to save Earth from a new faction of Decepticons. Bumblebee assembles a rogue team of young Autobots including a COOL REBEL “BAD BOY,” an ELITE GUARD CADET, a BOMBASTIC DINOBOT and a hyperactive MINI-CON to chase and capture their new enemies. Each new BOT is a fully capable action hero, but relatively inexperienced in working together in a team. Thus Bumblebee finds himself needing to be equal parts squad leader and coach. Every episode is packed full of action, adventure and comedy as Team Bumblebee strive to complete their new mission.