Cartoon Network UK Grandpa Max RV Ben 10 Competition

Cartoon Network UK Grandpa Max RV Ben 10 Competition

Cartoon Network UK Grandpa Max RV Ben 10 Competition: Become Ben Tennyson For One Night

To celebrate the reboot of the Ben 10 animated series, Cartoon Network UK has teamed up with travel accommodation website airbnb for a Ben 10 competition and they’re giving some lucky viewers the chance to spend a night in a RV based on Grandpa Max’s very own RV – The Rustbucket. The RV is located in the Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, England, the UK’s answer to Roswell, New Mexico, both places are known for their UFO sightings and mysteries.

The RV has been customized to make it identical to the one featured in the show, including the interior and even the food, also during your stay you’ll get to watch episodes of the new Ben 10 series before anyone else in the UK and you’ll also receive a Ben 10 goodie bag.

If you do win, don’t forget to bring your Omnitrix because you’re more than likely going to need it; especially with all those aliens flying about! Also not forgetting, there are binoculars and a Galactic Explor-o-Scope so you can keep a lookout for aliens during your stay.

To participate in the competition please follow these instructions:

1. Sign in/register an Airbnb account.
2. Go to the “Night At The Ben 10 Rust Bucket” competition listing page.
3. Click on the “Enter to Win” button.
4. In the form provided write an artistic and creative story of 100 words maximum in English explaining why you should be the one to stay one night in the Ben 10 Rust Bucket.

Grandpa Max has written a description about his RV on the airbnb website:

Located in Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, Britain’s answer to Roswell and the extra-terrestrial hub of the UK, the Rust Bucket will truly be your home away from home for one unforgettable family getaway whilst I’m overseas with my grandkids Ben and Gwen.

The Rust Bucket features everything from a working toilet to a state of the art gas hob. There’s a bit of rust on it… but that’s all part of the charm. The RV is also equipped with a Galactic Explor-o-Scope, binoculars for spotting any pesky creatures causing trouble in the vicinity, and the latest game station so you too can become a virtual hero, even if you don’t own the most powerful device in the universe – the Omnitrix. Ben’s a bit overprotective of his game station, but Gwen persuaded him to let you use it. After all, sharing is caring!

Inside the spacious cabin you’ll find a double bedroom with a mattress perfect for bouncing on (however much we try, Gwen and I just can’t stop Ben). You can curl up in the cosy bed just like Ben’s alien, Cannonbolt – although we’d recommend you don’t imitate him too much as we don’t want you ricocheting off any surfaces! There are also some handy cupboards – apologies if I have left a couple of shirts and waistcoats hanging in there.

You’ll love the comfortable dining area – perfect for plotting your next adventure. A small kitchenette features a fridge, oven, gas hob and sink, and comes stocked up with everything you need to make Ben’s favourite recipe using Goat’s Beard and Piranha Liver. There’s Squid Surprise in the freezer for pudding. I’m salivating just thinking about it, but then again I’ve always had pretty strange taste in food.

The lounge space is great for playing cards, chatting – and just goofing around. There are some swivel chairs which – warning – persistent swivelling on will cause dizziness. There’s also a TV and DVD player so you can watch what we get up to in the new series before anyone else in the UK. Two comfy sofas turn into additional sleeping spaces.

And your little Bens can put their Omnitrix watches away – there’s no need for Diamondhead’s light refraction and energy beams, or Heatblast’s fire balls. The Rust Bucket will be warm, cosy and comfortable, and you’ll be connected to the campsite’s electricity so you can keep the lights on all night if you want to.

Upon arrival you’ll meet the campsite host who will show you to the RV. My home is your home, so get yourself settled before heading off to follow the UFO trail through the forest. Rendlesham has had many suspicious UFO sightings throughout the last three decades so keep your eyes peeled for any unusual activity.

Once you’ve worked up an appetite you’ll head back to the Rust Bucket to prepare yourselves a delicious meal of Goat’s Beard – don’t worry it tastes better than it sounds!

The afternoon is yours to do what you like with, before you spend the night in the Rust Bucket immersed in your peaceful – and otherworldly – surroundings.

Entrants must be UK resident, over 18 years old, medically fit and able to stay in a motorhome on the nights of 22nd, 24th, 26th and 28th October (all dates are during the Autumn Half-Term school holidays). Families of up to four members and must have a child between the age of 5-12 are able to redeem the prize. Competition ends Thursday 13th October 2016, all entries must be in English.

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