Cartoon Network UK Ben 10 Boys Research Study

Cartoon Network UK Ben 10 Boys Research Study

Cartoon Network UK Ben 10 Boys Research Study

Cartoon Network UK conducted a research study about male children in the UK co-inciding with the premiere of the Ben 10 reboot, the survey had a sample size of 1,200 boys across the country; The Sun reports.

According to the survey, boys read an average of 42 books a year (almost one book every week), play outside for two hours every day and get told off by their parents 161 times a year (or three times a week) but also get praised by parents 154 times a year, they have an average of ten friends and their favourite colour is usually blue. Boys usually gets up at 6.55am and go to bed at 8.38pm, spends 16 hours playing sports and 29 days a year playing computer games.

Boys spend on average one hour everyday watching television, spend 22 days, 12 hours a year on smartphones and tablets. Football, bike riding, swimming and trampolining (in descending order) are the most popular physical activities among boys.

Sean Gorman, Director of UK Kids Channels at Turner EMEA explained that the British kids do have a few things in common with Ben Tennyson (the main protagonist in Ben 10) enjoying their free time and other social activities, but the survey has surfaced some surprising statistics, especially in the amount of time boys spend reading books and doing their homework (average of 1 hour and 47 minutes everyday):

“This insight into how boys spend their time is a real eye opener – particularly their keen interest in books and dedication to homework. Like Ben Tennyson, the superhero in Ben 10, British boys have active lives, going to parties, spending time with their friends and riding their bikes outside. It’s no wonder they wear holes into so many of their clothes – their parents must be exhausted trying to keep up with their comings and goings.”

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