Adventure Time: The Official Cookbook To Be Released In November

Adventure Time: The Official Cookbook To Be Released In November

Adventure Time: The Official Cookbook To Be Released In November

Ever wanted to know how to make Jake’s infamous Bacon Pancakes or how about the Everything Burrito? Now you can with the Adventure Time: The Official Cookbook!. The cookbook not only features recipes from the show but also common real world recipes with an Adventure Time themed twist. The book contains Breakfast Kingdom recipes fit for a princess and desserts written by characters from the Candy Kingdom. The cookbook was written by culinary expert Jordan Grosser and Adventure Time comic book author Christopher Hastings.

Description of the Book from the Simon and Schuster Website:

Grab your friends and get cooking in the land of Ooo with Adventure Time: The Official Cookbook, featuring recipes from all your favorite characters and kingdoms.

In the Founders’ Island Library, Finn discovered the remains of an old cookbook filled with dishes such as “lasagna” and “boiled eggs” And he was pretty sure that the cookbook had belonged to his mom at some point. Weird.

But a lot of the pages had been lost to the cruel sands of time. So Finn took it upon himself to fill up the book with as many crazy delicious food ideas as he could. And since that only filled around six pages, he recruited Jake, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, and the other citizens of Ooo to help complete the cookbook. There was pouring! There was mixing! There was a pasta-related Wizard Battle!

Are you ready to feast your eyes and prepare your stomach for the most awesome, most delicious meals this side of the Candy Kingdom? Grab your friends and start cooking, Ooo-style, with Adventure Time: The Official Cookbook.

The Adventure Time: The Official Cookbook will be available in bookshops across the United States from 29th November, the book is now available to pre-order from, Barnes and Noble, and

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