Regular Show JG Quintel Final Season Interview

Regular Show JG Quintel Final Season Interview

Regular Show JG Quintel Final Season Interview

In an interview with iDigitalTimes, J.G. Quintel (the creator of Regular Show and voice of Mordecai) talks about Regular Show’s final season on Cartoon Network, his time working on the show for the last six years and how he came to his decision to end the show.

Summary of the Interview:

J.G. Quintel explains that Regular Show was meant to have a beginning, middle and a end and he has been focusing on Season 8 to wrap the show up in a big satisfying finale. Quintel also explains that a lot of territory have been explored with Regular Show’s characters which resorted to rejected scripts of potential episodes, due to similar existing episodes. He also explains that it was the right decision to end the show because he doesn’t want to run the show to the ground with bad episodes. J.G. Quintel said he’s been working on Regular Show for six years (the longest animated project he has undertook) and he wants to explore other potential ideas and projects.

Also mentioned in the interview was the fact that Season 8 is serialised, something that the Regular Show production team hasn’t attempted before during its production run, with the exception to some character development such as Rigby being more mature and slightly more educated (Rigby’s girlfriend Eileen was an influence in this, his friends while working at the park also helped him) and Eileen is a lot more sociable compared to the start of the show, thanks to Rigby and his friends she has come out of her shell and became a funny and much loved character.

Season Eight is set in space and the park is in a huge dome, in this season there will also be Halloween and Christmas specials, also there will be a lot of loose ends that will be tied, one character that J.G. Quintel said that fans should particularly pay attention to in Season 8 is Pops.

No spoilers were given in the interview, but at the end of the interview, J.G. Quintel said thanks to the fans for watching and supporting the show during its run.

As a reminder, Regular Show Season 8 premieres tonight (26/09/2016) on Cartoon Network USA at 8pm ET/PT.

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