Powfactor The Powerpuff Girls New Global Campaign

Powfactor The Powerpuff Girls New Global Campaign

Powfactor The Powerpuff Girls New Global Campaign

Cartoon Network USA has launched a new global campaign today featuring The Powerpuff Girls, Entertainment Weekly reports; the campaign is called “Powfactor”, the purpose of the campaign is to embrace individuality and confidence in children. Everyone has a special ingredient that makes them unique and have the power inside themselves to change the world, no superpowers are necessary. The Powerpuff Girls’ special ingredient is Chemical X, but what’s yours?

The campaign kickstarted today with a music video of The Powerpuff Girls performing the 2016 Tacocat version of the theme song.

Jill King, Cartoon Network’s Senior Vice President, Marketing and Partnerships made this statement about the new global campaign:

“Just like Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, kids have a special ingredient which makes them heroes. This new campaign has a message of positivity, individuality, and confidence.”

To expand on the campaign, Cartoon Network has partnered with Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls to create a mini documentary series that encourages kids to embrace their uniqueness and to make a positive impact on the world. The first episode of What’s Your Powfactor? has already been uploaded on to the Smart Girls YouTube channel, the first episode is about Christina Li, a high school student and a White House Champion of Change for Computer Science Education.

Meredith Walker, a co-founder of Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls also commented on the new initiative:

“Powfactor demonstrates the power that all smart girls (and guys) have when they embrace their individuality to make a difference in their community”

Kids will be able to express their “Powfactor” via the CN Sayin’ app, an app where kids can record themselves for a chance to appear on Cartoon Network USA.

As a reminder, Cartoon Network USA will be airing new episodes of The Powerpuff Girls every weekday all this week (Monday 19th September to Friday 23rd September) at 5.30pm ET/PT.