New Show The Happos Family On Boomerang UK In October

New Show The Happos Family On Boomerang UK In October

New Show The Happos Family On Boomerang UK In October

Today (14/09/2016), Turner UK have announced a brand new animated show coming to Boomerang UK in October called The Happos Family. Initially, twenty episodes have been made, each episode will be two minutes in length each. The Happos Family is also the first ever Boomerang original created by Turner Europe, Middle East and Africa. The 3D CGI show is about a bunch of happos (a fictional animal similar to a hippo) living at a safari park, to the people visiting the safari park during the day, they’re just ordinary happos doing what happos normally do, lying around in mud and sleeping. But, when the park closes for the evening and all of the humans have left the park, the happos wake-up and their personalities come out to shine.

Characters include Astro Happo, a happo with an ambition to travel to the moon, there also a Daredevil called Stunt Happo and there’s Party Happo who like dancing with Ballerina Happo and Bollywood Happo. The show is a slapstick comedy produced by the UK based animation studio – Spider Eye and the show is created in partnership with the famous Italian chocolate company – Ferrero, known for producing Kinder Surprise, Nutella and of course, Kinder Happy Hippos. The Boomerang UK website will also offer very soon an interactive experience with video clips of The Happos Family and online games based on the show.

There are many other new shows coming to Boomerang UK (and other international versions of Boomerang) very shortly, such as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: The Series and Grizzy and the Lemmings.

From The Turner UK Press Release:

Turner today announces The Happos Family – a brand-new, original series that will be coming to its second flagship kids’ channel, Boomerang from October 2016.

Made up of 20 x 2 minute shorts, The Happos Family is the first Boomerang Original to be created by Turner EMEA and will complement the channel’s existing portfolio of global and international acquisitions, such as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and the soon-to-launch Grizzy & the Lemmings, as well as the new pipeline of original content, including Wabbit and Bunnicula, produced by Turner’s sister company Warner Bros. Animation. It has been created in partnership with world-renowned Italian corporation Ferrero and UK animation company Spider Eye.

The show features a family of Happos who live in an enclosure in a European safari park. In the morning the park is open to human visitors who drive past the Happos, taking pictures of them wallowing in the mud, lazing by the pool, sleeping in the shade of the tree. When the last car races out of the safari park and the gates are shut to all visitors, the Happos jump up out of the mud, wake up from their snoozing and get dressed up. It’s now their time for crazy, zany, Happo adventures.

Each of the 20 episodes centres on one of ten costumed Happos. Whether it’s Astro Happo longing to fly to the moon, or Stunt Happo attempting a daredevil feat, or Party Happo in a dance off with Ballerina and Bollywood, each storyline is laugh-out-loud, slap stick comedy with lots of heart.

Patricia Hidalgo, SVP, Chief Content & Creative Officer, Turner EMEA & International Kids’ Strategy commented:

“The Happos Family is a great demonstration of our commitment to bringing high quality, new content to Boomerang, as we continue to build the brand as a second flagship to Cartoon Network and invest in original production for both channels both here in the UK and internationally. We’re excited to have joined forces with Ferrero, who really share the heritage family values that Boomerang and its audience represents, and Spider Eye who did a great job with the animation.”

In addition to these beautifully colourful and hilarious, non-dialogue shorts – which will begin airing on Boomerang channels worldwide, starting with EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and APAC (Asia-Pacific) from October 2016 – the loveable Happos characters will appear across a variety of interactive digital platforms, including web, games and Youtube, among others.

This first Boomerang Original series, created and produced in EMEA, follows the recent announcement that Turner has commissioned a sixth season of the EMEA-created hit series The Amazing World of Gumball for Cartoon Network.