Boomerang UK Talking Tom And Friends New Show 10th September

Boomerang UK Talking Tom And Friends New Show Premieres 10th September

Boomerang UK Talking Tom And Friends New Show 10th September: From The Turner UK Press Release

After racking up 4.9 billion app downloads and reaching 300 million active monthly users across more than 230 different territories, Talking Tom and Friends are coming to Boomerang in the UK. Talking Tom and Friends launches on Boomerang Saturday 10th September at 8:30am.

Dazzled by dreams of fame and fortune, Talking Tom and Friends are on a mission to become the next big global superstars. The animated series is a laugh-out-loud adventure straight from the comfort of Talking Tom’s garage-turned-app studio. Talking Tom and Friends features 52 x 11’ episodes each season, and is truly the perfect show for entertaining the whole family. The all-star voice cast includes Golden Globe®-nominee Colin Hanks (“Fargo”, “Mad Men”, “Dexter”) as Talking Tom, and Tom Kenny (“SpongeBob SquarePants”, “Adventure Time”) as Talking Hank, and YouTube star Lisa Schwartz as Talking Angela. In addition the talented Tom Martin (“The Simpsons”) is the show’s head writer.

Armed with tech gear, awesome ideas and an unfailing sense of humour, Talking Tom and his friends set out to become the next big celebrity A-listers. To prepare for their red carpet road to stardom, Tom has turned his garage into a studio, fully decorated with tech gadgets and cameras, there Tom and his friends’ film and test out all their BIG ideas, hoping that one of them will take off and make them all famous. With Tom’s enthusiasm and the spirited support of his friends, they’re bound to be make it in show business. Together the whole gang are television gold; there’s Talking Tom, the charismatic and chaotic leader of the pack; Talking Angela, the beautiful and up-and-coming pop star; Talking Ben, the smart-as-a-whip scientific geek; Talking Hank, the optimistic and lovable sitcom-obsessed pal; and Talking Ginger, the mischievous and playful little neighbour. Although things never quite turn out the way they plan, the unstoppable group are destined to warm hearts and break a funny bone or two as they pursue their dreams.

Don’t miss the premiere of brand-new series Talking Tom and Friends launches on Saturday 10th September at 8:30am on Boomerang followed by new episodes every Saturday.

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