Scooby-Doo Live Musical Mysteries In London

Scooby-Doo Live Musical Mysteries In London

Scooby-Doo Live Musical Mysteries In London

Boomerang UK’s very own Scooby-Doo! will be solving mysteries for four days in London, UK with his Mystery Inc. crime solving friends and they’ll need your help. Scooby-Doo Live Musical Mysteries is an all new musical for all the family, the musical will be performed at the London Palladium from Thursday 18th August to Sunday 21st August 2016. The musical will be an interactive experience filled with singing and dancing, the premise of the story is to solve why a trouble-making ghost is haunting the theatre, this is to make the audience feel as if they’re actually part of the case.

About The Musical

In this brand new family musical Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Inc. gang have been called upon to help solve an epic mystery. A trouble-making ghost is haunting a West End theatre and Daphne (Charlie Bull), Fred (Chris Warner Drake), Shaggy (Charlie Haskins), Velma (Rebecca Withers) and Scooby-Doo (Joe Goldie) are on their way, and bringing the Mystery Machine to crack this spooky, theatrical case.

Along the way the Mystery Inc. gang meet the Theatre Manager, Walt Warner (John McManus) and Box Office Manager, Muriel Martin (Kate England), both of whom seem to know more than they are prepared to let on.

All the while local Stagehand, Wilbur (Martin Neely) seems very interested in the mysterious theatre ghost wreaking havoc with Scooby-Doo and his friends. Maybe this time the gang are in over their heads?!

Scooby-Doo Live! Musical Mysteries will have the whole family on the edge of their seats in traditional Scooby-Doo fashion from the moment the show begins at the world famous London Palladium.

Cartoon Network UK/Boomerang UK interviewed the actors and actresses performing as the mystery gang in the musical, a transcript of the questions and answers during interview can be seen below:

So what are you guys doing here today?

Daphne: We are rehearsing for Scooby Doo Live! Musical Mystery.

It’s going to be at the London Palladium 18th – 21st August.

What attracted you to the script and to take this project on?

Velma: It’s such an iconic cartoon, everybody knows it and loves Scooby-Doo.
There’s so many different versions and yeah it’s so much fun, why wouldn’t you?

Daphne: Yeah it’s different to your normal musical.
It’s very much kids orientated but at the same time the parents enjoy it as well.
It’s a really fun one to do.

What can we expect from the show?

Shaggy: Everything!

Daphne: Singing, Dancing.

Fred: The clues in the title.
It’s a musical mystery, so we are doing it in typical Scooby-Doo style.
We are taken the van and we are going on a mystery and the audience comes with us.

Daphne: And we need the kids to help us solve the mystery.

Scooby-Doo is the longest running animated series, why do you think this is?

Velma: Yeah since the 60s.

Velma: Because I think the characters are really engaging.
Scooby Doo is so lovable and because you know it’s really exciting.
The kids enjoy watching it and being scared with the gang.

Daphne: They are fun characters.

Velma: Yeah so fun.

Fred: They are fun characters and relatable.

As you can see as the cartoon have developed over the years.

We’ve gone through the 70’s the flower power, 80s and changed and developed each time.

I think that’s it very easily mouldable to so many genres of kids.
That’s why it’s done so well movie wise.

What do you think a Scooby snack tastes like?

Daphne: Really yummy!

Shaggy: It’s really delicious and a secret recipe
and we like them enough that we keep eating them
over and over again all through the show.

Do you eat them through the show?

Fred: Shaggy/Scooby do.
Velma: We try and stop them.

Are they big?

Shaggy: I would say they like a malteaser size.

What similarities are there between you and your characters?

Shaggy: As shaggy, I like eating. I like hanging out with my friends.
I’m not one to take charge I follow the others around. Chilled out.

Velma: Yeah Velma was always my favourite.
She’s the brains of the operation and I think I really identified with her.

When I was telling people about it, they were like “OMG yes! I see it”
“That’s so you”. You know what I’m going to take that as a compliment.

Fred: Well there’s elements of Fred that I would say that I relate to, a little bit.
I can say that my friends weren’t utterly shocked when I said I was playing this character.

He’s definitely the leader and I would like to say that on
occasion do like to take that role.
Um no, he definitely fun and has some quirky moments.
I think we can all easily relate to those.

Daphne: Being a red head myself I can relate to that element.
I am sort of quite girly but I also think Daphne is very feisty.
Which I like.

She thinks she’s the leader but she’s also quite happy to sit back and let the brains take over most of the time.

Which is actually quite similar to me as well.

So Shaggy how did you perfect the Shaggy voice?

Shaggy: “What the Shaggy voice” (in Shaggy’s voice) the Shaggy voice was something I realised I
could do a while ago, funnily enough.

So it’s always been something, a bit of a party piece.
I would explain how I do it, but I don’t know “I just do it” (In Shaggy’s voice).

Daphne: It just comes naturally.

Did you do anything else to prepare for the role? Did you have to hit the gym hard for Fred?

Velma: Just really made sure we had watched so many episodes.

There’s so many different versions of the cartoon. Just try and find the character really.

Daphne: It’s so well known, the kids know these characters.
They know their mannerisms, they know their poses,
and they know their attitude so we have to really get it right.
Cause we want them to believe it.

Fred: We have been practicing walks and poses.
Looking at the various different thing that the characters bring
and try to incorporate them into our performance.

There are so many things for kids and families to do this summer holidays.

Why should they come see Scooby Doo?

Velma: It’s fun for everyone.

My family took me to the theatre when I was really young.
And it really inspired me and made me really passionate about theatre.
I think that it’s really important.

It’s really great for the adults who also know
the cartoon and watched it growing up.
It’s just really inclusive I think and really interactive for the kids.

Daphne: Kids and adults will have a great time when they come to see it.

Fred: And the good thing is that our show is playing at three different times during the day.

It means if you have young kids and they are waking up early,
our 10.30 show completely suits those types of children.

I know my nephew and niece will definitely go to that type of show.

It really caters for all types of families.

If you have things going on in the afternoon you can go see the morning show or vice versa.

But yeah I think because of that.
It’s only an hour so if you do have young children
its perfect for them because it’s not going to be too much for them
but they can get all their excitement out in one day.

It does everything.

Tickets are available to buy from, there will be three shows each day at 10.30am, 1pm and 3.30pm, tickets are priced between £15 to £30 with a free poster program with every premium ticket, also there will be a VIP meet and greet with Scooby-Doo after every show.

Boomerang UK will be making behind-the-scenes posts about the Scooby-Doo Live Musical Mysteries musical on their official Instagram account:

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