Cartoon Network UK September 2016 Highlights

Cartoon Network UK September 2016 Highlights

Cartoon Network UK September 2016 Highlights: From The Official Turner UK Press Release

New Miniseries

Long Live The Royals
Premieres Tuesday 6th September, weekdays at 6pm

The holidays can be a hectic time, even more so if you’re royalty. The royal family (King Rufus, Queen Eleanor, princess Rosalind, and princes Peter and Alex) tries to keep it together as they navigate the week-long Yule Hare Festival. There will be delicious food, exciting frights, singing forest men, and most important, a family you’ll love to laugh at.

Mega Mondays: New Episodes

Every Monday from 4pm

Mega Mondays presents the month’s brand new shows and episodes back to back from 4pm every Monday on Cartoon Network.

This September, catch new episodes of Clarence, Uncle Grandpa, Adventure Time and The Amazing World of Gumball.

Clarence: 4pm
Uncle Grandpa: 4.30pm
Adventure Time: 5pm
The Amazing World of Gumball: 5.30pm

Weekend Marathons

Finn and Jake’s Big Adventure: Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th September

Two unlikely heroes armed with nothing but their wits, and occasionally a giant sword, will take you on an epic journey around the land of Ooo sharing their adventures in a video diary. Travel with them through weird and wonderful lands as they go through fire and ice, dark times and good times; from the Fire Kingdom, to the Evil Forest, the Ice Kingdom, the Lumpy Space, the Tree Fort – not forgetting the sweetest place of them all, the Candy Kingdom. Don’t miss Finn and Jake’s Big Adventure Weekend including an online competition on Cartoon Network this Summer!

Don’t Call Me Princess!: Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th September

Showcasing all of the awesome girl characters from CN’s best shows in a weekend takeover! The aim being to increase our girl audience but also make our boy audience fonder of our CN heroines and increase co-viewing.

New Episodes

Yo-Kai Watch

New episodes air Saturdays at 7.30am.

Yo-Kai Watch is centered around a young boy called Nate who lives in Springdale. He gets the YO-KAI Watch which allows him to see other Yo-Kai invisible monsters that are behind many of the common troubles we face every day. Befriend them and you can help solve these ordinary problems!