Cartoon Network USA Yoursday Thursday 4th August

Cartoon Network USA Yoursday Thursday 4th August

Cartoon Network USA Yoursday Thursday 4th August

On Thursday 4th August, The Yoursday programming block on Cartoon Network USA will feature a new episode of We Bare Bears, Teen Titans Go!, a Steven Universe half-hour special, two new episodes of Uncle Grandpa and four new episodes of Supernoobs, the fun begins at 4pm ET/PT.


Noobs vs the Earth-Sterminator/Noob Coloured Glasses
Let It Noob Let It Noob Let It Noob/To Catch a Noob
4pm ET/PT

We Bare Bears

Chicken and Waffles (Part of We Bare Bears New Episodes Week)
5pm ET/PT

Panda needs to meet his bros at the hottest restaurant in town, but loses his contacts and can’t see how to get into the city.

Teen Titans Go!

Island Adventures Part 4: Crazy Desire Island (Part of Teen Titans Go! New Episodes Week)
6pm ET/PT

The Titans are still shipwrecked and Robin grants the other Titans their crazy desires.

Steven Universe

Bismuth (Half-hour Special and 100th Episode)
7pm ET/PT

An inactive Crystal Gem named Bismuth reunites with the other Gems after 5,300 years.

Uncle Grandpa

RV Olympics/Uncle Melvins (New Episode Double Bill)
7.30pm ET/PT

RV Olympics: Uncle Grandpa gets into the Olympic Games spirit and hosts his very own sporting event, Uncle Melvins: Uncle Grandpa gets to meet his favourite band.

Other New Episodes Information

New episodes of Pokémon the Series: XYZ air every Saturday throughout August at 7am ET/PT. Steven Universe: Summer of Steven ends on Friday 12th August, new episodes air weekdays at 7pm ET/PT. Teen Titans Go! Island Adventure, a week of new episodes of Teen Titans Go! runs from Monday 1st August to Friday 5th August at 6pm ET/PT. New episodes of We Bare Bears will air every day for five days between Monday 1st August and Friday 5th August at 5pm ET/PT.

A list of Cartoon Network USA’s August 2016 premieres can be seen on the link below, the list is updated as soon as new scheduling information is released:

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