Cartoon Network USA Yoursday Thursday 2nd June

Cartoon Network USA Yoursday Thursday 2nd June

Cartoon Network USA Yoursday Thursday 2nd June

On Thursday 2nd June, The Yoursday programming block on Cartoon Network USA will feature a new episode each of Clarence, The Amazing World of Gumball, Regular Show and the final episode of the Steven Universe: In Too Deep story arc. The fun begins at 5pm ET/PT on Cartoon Network.

Thursday 2nd June Yoursday Schedule:

Jeff’s Secret
5.00pm ET/PT

Clarence uncovers a secret about Jeff, who begs him not to tell.’s_Secret

The Amazing World of Gumball
The Points
5.30pm ET/PT

Gumball and Darwin discover that whenever Tobias does chores, he earns points from his parents to trade-in for money. Gumball and Darwin want to help him in order to make some money themselves.

Steven Universe
Hit The Diamond (In Too Deep)
7.00pm ET/PT

Steven and the Crystal Gems (disguised as humans) challenge five Ruby soldiers sent by Yellow Diamond to a game of baseball, if the soldiers win they can search the area to look for Peridot, if they lose, they will have to leave and never come back.

Regular Show
Pops’ Favorite Planet
7.30pm ET/PT

Pops wants to see his favorite planet when the guys sleep outside.’_Favorite_Planet

The Yoursday promo for Thursday 2nd June:

Cartoon Network USA’s premiere info for June can be seen on the link below, the premiere info is regularly updated:

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