Cartoon Network India New Generations 2016 Report

Cartoon Network India New Generations 2016 Report

Cartoon Network India New Generations 2016 Report

India has a large child demographic, making approximately a third of the country’s population, which is why it’s important for Cartoon Network India to know more about their viewers and their methods on how they enjoy their entertainment, so Turner India did a comprehensive study called the New Generations 2016 report. The New Generations 2016 report surveyed over 6,690 respondents across India, which included kids ranging from the age of 7-14 years and parents of 4-14 years old kids.

According to the survey, television is still the preferred medium for kids entertainment with 97% preferring this medium, 50% of parents enjoy watching television with their kids daily and 80% of parents monitor their children’s television habits. 90% of kids are growing up in a home with a mobile phone and the amount of kids using smartphones and tablets is on the increase, but it’s still behind other countries. To summarise, television viewing activity ranks the highest in media consumption at 97%, followed by reading newspapers and books at 49% and 44% respectively, surfing the internet at 29%, reading comics at 25%, listening to radio at 21%, watching DVDs at 15% and films at 7%.

Turner International India MD Siddharth Jain made this statement concerning the high amount of children underage using social media and as a head of a responsible broadcaster he encourages children to use Cartoon Network’s children-friendly website and apps instead:

“Only kids above the age of 13 are allowed to set up an account on Facebook, but our findings show that 25 percent of the kids are on Facebook, while 5 percent of the parents are aware of that. Regardless of our findings, as a responsible broadcaster, we can’t encourage kids to be on the social media platform just to market our channel better. Instead we urge kids to check out our website. We also have apps, like the recently launched CN Anything that grabs kids attention through short and snacky content that they can consume through their smart phones. We look beyond television content through this report. We have partners in the broadcast industry as well as advertisers, marketers, and other affiliates who can make great use of this data. A fact like ‘67% of purchases at home is influenced by children’ is very important for a good brand advertising with us to find out ways to convince the kids to buy their products.”

According to the survey, the average pocket money for an Indian kid has increased from 275 Rupees in 2012 to 555 Rupees in 2015. This is a 100% increase in pocket money since 2012. 52% of kids receive pocket money out of which 50% save it (majority being girls), and the other 50% percent spend their money on buying clothes, shoes, junk food and toys.

According to Turner International India Director and South Asia Research Head Rahul Sachdev, Indian children’s spending power is now much greater than the gross domestic product of fifty smaller countries in the world:

“At an annual spending potential of 22,594 Rupees, Indian Kids have more money to spend than the GDP of 50 smaller countries of the world including Bhutan, Aruba and the Maldives”

When it comes to advertisements, kids are easily persuaded by an appearance of their favourite cartoon characters or superheroes. According to the report, children from the East region love ads with cartoon characters and animations while those in the west region prefers ads with humour; children in the north and south region behave in a similar manner – taking a cue from humour and cartoon characters. Over 65% of children and parents are attracted towards character-based product packaging.

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