Boomerang UK And Cartoonito UK June 2016 Highlights

Boomerang UK And Cartoonito UK June 2016 Highlights

Boomerang UK And Cartoonito UK June 2016 Highlights: From The Turner UK Press Release

Boomerang UK June 2016 Highlights

Brand New Show

Talking Tom and Friends Animated Series*

The new CGI animated series Talking Tom and Friends, which chronicles the hijinks of wisecracking cat Talking Tom and his pals as they shoot their own reality TV show.

New Episodes


Bunnicula is a paranormal creature who, instead of drinking blood, drains the juice out of various vegetables for sustenance and supernatural abilities. Bunnicula had been locked away in a hole in the floor of the basement for way too long before 11-year-old Mina let him out and adopted him as her third pet. Bunnicula LOVES Mina. He is thrilled to have someone who loves him, and will do anything to help his new family.

Stories follow Chester (the cat), Harold (the dog) and Bunnicula (the vegetarian vampire) in and around their new home in New Orleans as they try to contain supernatural animal activity. On any given day they may cross paths with everything from a ghost gator busting his way through the building’s pipes to a vampire tick that latches on to Harold and takes over his body and mind. Bunnicula is almost always both the cause of and solution to all of their adventures.

George Of The Jungle*

Meet George, a clumsy yet lovable King of the Jungle, who despite his naïve nature and constant crash landings, always comes out on top. George’s jungle family includes his best buddy, an ape named Ape, friends Ursula and Magnolia, and his dog Shep (who is actually an elephant). With his boundless energy and endless enthusiasm, every day is a new adventure for George, filled with missteps and mayhem where there’s always another tree to smash into.

Boomerang UK And Cartoonito UK June 2016 Highlights

Cartoonito UK June 2016 Highlights

Brand New And Exclusive To Cartoonito

Masha’s Tales
Starts Monday 20th June*

Masha is a big fan of fairy tales, but sometimes gets the details a little jumbled up. Follow along as Masha tells her unique versions of popular fairy tales in a way only she can. Beautifully animated, this engaging series entertains families with a funny twist on traditional stories. Tune into Masha’s Tales this June on Cartoonito.

New To Cartoonito

Monkey See, Monkey Do
Starts Monday 6th June*

Monkey See, Monkey Do will have the tykes at home wagging their tails and flapping their wings all over the room. Animated animals and live-action children will be dancing together in this interactive show. Each episode features our monkey host who invites children to discover, imitate and then dance along with the animal guest of the day.

New Episodes

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
New episodes from Monday 6th June*

An animated preschool series featuring Daniel, a shy but brave 4-year-old tiger who lives in the Neighbourhood of Make Believe. With help from his neighbours, family and friends – O the Owl, Prince Wednesday, Katerina Kittycat and Miss Elaina – Daniel has fun while learning the key skills necessary for school and life.

Weekend Marathons

Every weekend in June From Saturday 4th June

Every weekend on Cartoonito this June is packed with marathons of everyone’s favourite heros: from Pontypandy we have Fireman Sam, and resident builder from Fixham and Spring City, Bob the Builder! All this plus marathons of Masha’s Tales.

*Subject to change or to be scheduled

Note: Scheduling can change, released highlights are not finalised, but it is often the case that new shows and episodes listed in highlights can be rescheduled to next month or anytime in the very near future.

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