Adventure Time Characters And Scenes Now In Dungeon Link Game

Adventure Time Characters And Scenes Now In Dungeon Link Game

Adventure Time Characters And Scenes Now In Dungeon Link Game

Cartoon Network and mobile game developer Gamevil, have teamed up to bring Adventure Time characters and scenery into the Dungeon Link mobile puzzle game. The new game update features a new world map, and several new missions, including one where Finn and Jake have to rescue the Ice King.

From the Dungeon Link Game Description

New friends await in the world of Kanterbury!
Meet Finn, Jake and all your favorite Adventure Time characters as they explore the world of Dungeon Link!

Ice King and Princess Lulu have been captured by Kanterbury’s Demon God, Andras. Finn and Jake need your help to save them from the clutches of Andras and her minions!

Discover new characters and other powerful heroes along the adventure and link your way to victory!

Link your own path to victory in this highly addicting puzzle RPG.

Solve & Strategize!

– Battle monsters by linking tiles with simple touch-and-drag controls

– Unleash devastating attacks by using the entire board.

– Figure out how to use each hero’s special attacks to gain the upper hand.

Collect & Customize!

– Play and enhance more than 250 different heroes including Adventure Time’s Finn, Jake, Marceline, and more!

– Train and evolve your heroes to travel through the world of Kanterbury.

Go on an Adventure with Finn & Jake!

– Fight against powerful enemies and join Finn and Jake to save Ice King and Princess Lulu.

– Discover new Adventure Time characters throughout your journey.

Invite Your Friends to Join the Adventure!

– Make friends and combine forces to conquer the toughest dungeons.

– Earn rewards by working together with your friends.

Special Dungeons, PVP and Boss Raids!

– Clear Special Dungeons to collect rare heroes.

– Compete against other adventurers in PVP to prove your team is the best.

– Participate in Boss Raids for awesome rewards.

*Dungeon Link syncs your contacts and accounts for the in-game Add Friend feature.
Your info will be encrypted and used strictly for the Add Friend feature in Dungeon Link only.

*Dungeon Link will use storage for the purpose of updating and managing the game only.

Video preview of the Adventure Time Dungeon Link game update:

Dungeon Link is available for free download for iOS and Android:

Google Play (Android):

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