RegularCapital Forums Are Now Closed

RegularCapital Forums Are Now Closed

RegularCapital Forums Are Now Closed

Some sad news to announce, the RegularCapital Forums are now closed. It has been running for a good four months but it’s about time that I’ve ended the experiment. The reason why I closed it is because of excessive rule breaking by members which have been difficult and frustrating to moderate, so all of the moderators and administrators (as well as some members) have agreed to close the forums.

The good news is that I have a lot more free time as I no longer have the obligation of running the forums, so I can devote more time to the Cartoon Network blog and YouTube channel (which are more important to me and also to the fans out there). Also, the blog has recently moved to a better web hosting company allowing capacity for the website to expand.

For those who are still interested in partaking in cartoon discussion, I recommend the ToonZone forums:

I’m sorry to disappoint all of you but don’t blame me, blame the people who made the job of running the forum more difficult than it needed to be. It’s been an experience running the forums, but you live and learn.

5 thoughts on “RegularCapital Forums Are Now Closed

  1. I’m sorry for the closing of the forum, it’s a shame because I was visiting often. I do not know under what topic posts that there were not going well, and was still growing a lot even if slowly, but I understand your decision to manage the post, so I give you right.
    Thank you for trying this experiment, I really liked!

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