Cartoon Network UK Study Suggests Girls Defy Stereotypes

Cartoon Network UK Study Suggests Girls Defy Stereotypes

Cartoon Network UK Study Suggests Girls Defy Stereotypes

After the premiere of Cartoon Network’s new Powerpuff Girls series this week, a UK survey has revealed that today’s girls are becoming less stereotypical. The survey of seven to 15-year-olds found that 84 per cent of girls loved sport, 10% are involved in a martial arts related activity and 59% played video games. The national study also found that girls prefer football to netball.

Results from the survey also states that blue was the favourite colour for 53% of respondents, and when asked what qualities a girl should have, 28% of the girls said they should be tough.

Charli XCX, singer and The Powerpuff Girls ambassador, while at The Powerpuff Girls UK premiere launch event said:

“I remember when I was 15 and having all kinds of crazy things going on in my brain. As a young girl, that age can be a time of self-doubt, a time where you let your insecurities show, a time where you’re basically just a bit unsure. Strong role models are super important during those phases of anyone’s life. The Powerpuff Girls are 100 per cent the strongest and coolest kind of role models to have around. The show flips gender stereotypes on its head and is accessible and fun for kids but also for people my age. I used to love it when I was younger but I feel like I’m even more obsessed with it now. I see myself in the characters for sure. As all girls should. Strong, fierce, sassy and cute are all the best ways to be, and we all have that deep down inside us even if we don’t quite realise it yet.”

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