Cartoon Network Netherlands May 2016 Highlights

Cartoon Network Netherlands May 2016 Highlights

Cartoon Network Netherlands May 2016 Highlights

New Show (Live Action)

The Big Big Big BIG Cartoon Network Show
Premieres Sunday 29th May with new episodes every Sunday at 11.10am.

New Episodes

The Amazing World of Gumball
Season 4 Part 3
From Monday 2nd May at 4.45pm, new episodes every weekday.

We Bare Bears
Season 1 Part 2
From Monday 23rd May at 5.10pm, new episodes airing every weekday.

Season 1 Part 4
From Monday 9th May at 4.20pm, new episodes every weekday.

New episodes from Season 1 Part 2 ends Friday 6th May.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise
New episodes from Season 2 Part 1 ends Tuesday 17th May.

The Amazing World of Gumball
New episodes from Season 4 Part 3 continues until Thursday 19th May.

The Powerpuff Girls (2016 Reboot)
Season 1 continues until Sunday 29th May.

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
New episodes from Season 6 continues throughout May.

Thanks to Red Arrow from the ToonZone Forums for the information:

8 thoughts on “Cartoon Network Netherlands May 2016 Highlights

  1. Sorry, I forgot to update the highlights. Daffyrocks and Francisque have confirmed that The Big Big Big Big Cartoon Network Show is not a block, but a live-action show.

    -The Big Big Big BIG Cartoon Network Show premieres on the 29th of May with new episodes every Sunday at 11:10

    • I excluded it because I wasn’t sure what it was, I thought it was something different and not relating to The Mega Mega Mega MEGA Cartoon Network Show on CN Germany, but thanks for the information. 🙂

      • Yeah, I tend to use the English titles.
        In Dutch it’s called ”De Mega Mega Mega MEGA Cartoon Network Show”, but that doesn’t really matter.

        Are you really quitting Toonzone?

        • Yes I’m leaving ToonZone for definite this time as some people are on ZWKL’s side of the argument on the CN Int. Thread and my “reputation” has been “severely damaged”.

          But I’ve already stated why I fell out with ZWKL, I just don’t want to associate with him.

          • Light Lucario has told Dodokoce, RandomMe and the others to stop, and 5 people agreed. This means 5 people do care about your input on Toonzone, and this also means others will get an infraction if they insult anyone again.

            Look, I don’t want any drama. I just wants everything to go back to normal.

            I find it absolutely pathetic how RandomMe is taking ZWKL’s side. The good news is that he has stopped PM’ing me, because he clearly doesn’t like me anymore. Yeey xD

            I am not going to force you to come back, but I am pretty sure many people would appreciate it if you would. You don’t need to react to ZWKL’s friends. You don’t need to explain anyone why they came back. That’s none of their business. Dodokoce is also back out of nowhere.

            I do not find you unprofessional at all, and looking at BlooMac’s and RandomMe’s videos about farting and what not, I don’t think it matters what they think about you.

            I don’t know exactly what happened behind my back (BlooMac is telling me everyone had decided together to ban me, and ZWKL said you were freaking tired of my behaviour) but I do know what is happening right now. I know you like me at the moment, I know I like you (not in a romantic way of course xD) and I know that most others also like you. And that’s the only thing that counts.

            You can ”destroy” this post once you have read it : P

          • ZWKL is very good at grouping people together and then “attack” someone and convincing people to say bad things about people behind their back, and it’s true that I did say bad things about you after I was convinced by him.

            I was called unprofessional due to the fact that I gave an honest opinion, people would rather be silent. I didn’t want any drama, I just want to disassociate with him and give a honest reason. The main people who used the forum and ZWKL bailed on me which left me no choice but to close the forum, I have spent money on that forum (I wanted it to be decent) so you can understand why I was pissed off. I said I wasn’t angry that forums had to be closed because I didn’t want to upset anyone even though I was secretly upset and frustrated. ZWKL attempting to access the FTP on my site when he knew the forums were now closed was the final straw for me and this left me no choice.

            Yeah I’m staying away from ToonZone from now on, even though there are admins like Light Lucario keeping an eye if people get insulted or “attacked”, I know deep down there’s still hostility towards me, it will be a long time if I ever convince myself to come back.

            I’m always here if you want to talk though as well as Twitter too. 🙂

            I’m glad that you still like me after what happened though.

            – Luke

          • Meanwhile a sixth person agreed with Light Lucario.

            I don’t have Twitter, but you can always send me a PM on YouTube if you want to say something in private 🙂

            This is me being honest. I don’t actually think there are many people who actually dislike you. There are just following the group. They found it funny to laugh at RandomMe, and now they find it funny to laugh at you. (Even though you barely did anything wrong whatsoever, unlike RandomMe)
            Light Lucario was 100% right when she called them school bullies… : /

            I don’t know if that cheered you up a bit or made it worse. I hope the former xD

            You can find the CN NL hightlights for June here:

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